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  • bitcoinisnotau bitcoinisnotau Jan 9, 2014 6:23 PM Flag

    It is Official - Market Will be Down for 2014

    First five trading days are the indicator. Does that apply to precious metals producers? Somewhat. It all depends on the manipulated prices. A shame that in order to make our extra cash work for us, we play in a rigged casino. Are you ready?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Well now all the bad news is out for SVM and we should have good quarters going forward. Nice runup to earnings and maybe $3 will hold for us tomorrow or get back there next week, depending on the price of silver? Hopefully shorts will be forced to cover quickly. SVM reduced greatly, but are still paying a dividend. I would them rather have eliminated it for the year or make it based on the price of silver. I like it when a company does that. They will have plenty of cash on hand for 2014 and they continue to have no debt. Let's go SVM!

    • GO, SVM!!! $2.42. Great Stock!

      Less than another 75% slide to go from there, that is, fer your mgmt team to steer the wreck southbound to...


    • Don't forget a bad/Terrible mgmt team! ~(-;

      • 2 Replies to oopsiomni50cents
      • so you admit they are not criminals now and instead are managing it badly instead.
        thanks for admitting that as all miners have managed their companies badly at this point.

        but never the less. you spam small posts too much to get attention and your smiley face
        seems gangster type shady or still in highschool that wants to stand out. with the ~ line

        most people use the standard smiley face instead of yours as it seems more like an evil smirk type smile. seems your personality is that type.

        well you told us which state you live is just dont tell everyone online when you are committing evil acts which city and street too now so readily.

        on your recent gloating
        do you normally gloat only after it goes up extremely high because I call bs on your picks after the fact that is.

        it seems you want to say you are a good timer or something but you ain't if you bought it before then yes good for you if you didn't then just looked for momo plays then you are an idiot that is likely hired to pump and dump stuff.

        say it before the run up then talk.

        but then you wont make as much right?
        do people honestly think people will tell others their trades before they can profit from them? HELL NO.
        that would be stupid. like you basically thinking people are so guillible

      • First and foremost!!! What is "a shame" is that you do not see that as the obvious cause.