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  • antiqcoll12 antiqcoll12 Apr 11, 2012 12:31 PM Flag



    Good Post !!!!!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • and are ABSURD!!! your views on the stock change daily and you have ranted against robin FAR in excess of ANYONE ELSE on this PLEASE explain why the woman you call a cow on a shopping spree is someone you think deserving of defense??

      you probably should go back thru all your old posts before I do and report them and make you look like the fool that you are.

      AHHAHAHAHAH at least you entertain me :)

    • hahahahahhahahaha FUNNY how a company can dilute it's shareholders over and over and over yet most longs (which I AM...only cuz it makes no sense to get out now) can continue to TRY to see the bright side.

      I was referring to her total comp not her stock salary. And she has bled the company so dry that of course she can take her salary in stock she doesnt need anymore money. This is the link i'm referring to:

      Please see my earlier post on the company's prospects. Further dilution is the only option as the market will not bear Neostem issuing more debt...the recent issuance's terms were SO unfavorable that clearly a bank would not even THINK of lending NBS money. Even if NBS sells the China assets that gets us thru about a year of operations...not even long enough to see the Phase II results.

      Just my opinion....and a much more professional one than yours at that....your post on NBS's prospects calling it the best value play in the Cell therapy space is PATHETIC and DILUSIONAL... you can't even value NBS on an NTM PE basis because its NTM earnings are, were, and will remain NEGATIVE.

      wakeee up and smell the flowers buddy hahaha

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