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  • neii neii Jan 8, 2013 4:33 PM Flag


    Day traders caused this drop. I thought it woul fall to .50 a week ago, I've revised my sentiment. IMO, day traders dumped their positions when they saw no more upward movement right into the hands of the waiting proverbial "larger/big boy investors". Look at the volume, large orders get taken out at .65, then stabilize. The trading pattern is a sign of accumulation and a strong support around .63 cents.

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    • For all those who have criticized Dr. Robin Smith's management and the company’s stock price---please read on.

      Dr. Smith could have made this company into a profitable cash cow manufacturing business and the stock price would be hovering around $3+ a share. The company could grow revenue at a robust rate of 30% a year for a few years with strong profit margins. Not bad, right? We may get 5X on our investment here. Well she made a different decision when she became CEO, and that was to target and acquire synergistic R&D companies with promising technology platforms which could bring Billions of dollars of revenue into the company. With this strategy comes one small problem------it requires diverting millions of dollars of would-be profits into getting FDA approvals. Because stems cells are still considered very speculative, and until a wildly known/used stem cell drug gets approval, the markets are unfortunately undervaluing many of these companies. So, I actually very much like our CEO because her strategy not only gives NBS a chance of becoming a $10 Billion plus company by 2017 (phase 3 projected approval), it does so in a rare way unlike any other small-cap stem cell company on the exchange…….NBS provides the bonus of downside protection from its profitable high-growth service business.

      Disclosure: Besides NBS, I am also long ATHX (but believe this company to be more speculative/higher risk). They have a different stem cell technology platform which has shown promise too. Both companies have a major catalyst coming before the end of the year. GLTA!!!!

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      • The most difficult question regarding NBS is how much to sell when the likely event of a phase 2 approval takes place?

        With such positive CD34 results published in the AHJ Journal : CD34+ cell infusion after ST elevation myocardial infarction is associated with improved perfusion and is dose dependent. And in ISRN Radiology Volume 2013 (2013) Assessment of Myocardial Contractile Function Using Global and Segmental Circumferential Strain following Intracoronary Stem Cell Infusion after Myocardial Infarction: MRI Feature Tracking Feasibility Study.

        My guess would be that NBS has a 90% chance of passing phase 2 and would climb about 10X to around $6.30 from this price (although huge revenue numbers may bring the price closer to target before results are made public). In such an event, I would recommend everyone to sell at least 10% or up to his/her own risk to "get the principle out," and feel free to let the rest ride, I'll be with NBS for many years.

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      • Right on... There is a simple question to answer: Do you think regenerative medicine is going away? It is that simple.... Folks, I see it everyday; it ain't goin' away. It's only gaining momentum, and with a share of NBS cheaper than a candy bar, you have to ask another question: Do you think the share price has room to grow?

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    • very good statement, two thumbs up....

    • By the way, I had a considerable order in at .6305 and didn't get a single share at that price.

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    • I agree with you assessment on the .63 cents being support. But looking at Level II today, it seemed a big holder was running the show and his agenda wasn't entirely clear to me. But his first strategy was to lower the price. Whether that was so he could acquire more at better prices, or to cover his shorts, or to distribute will sort itself out in the next couple of days.

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      • The story is the same today as it was yesterday as it was at the turn of the year. No really big catalyst to bounce this up to the $0.75 level yet from a fundamental business aspect. Still subject to the games of traders and not investors. I'm just setting my position on cruise control for 2013 waiting for Phase 2 to come through as my event horizon is 25 years and fundamentally this company's outlook is very positive in my opinion. Unfortunately we can't get the biggest board loser to just go the F away with his/her inane posting and schitzo posts.

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