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  • zzpots111 zzpots111 Apr 30, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Lets take a collectibe breath and see where we are at...

    I feel that the CEO is very intelligent and will someday move us positively forward. Yes it is easy to bash NBS, we have gone mostly backwards but i feel at this price there is a good probability of success.

    Think about it, do your dd, wait to see what institutions bought in and see where things shake out.

    My .02


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    • ZZ i like your posts, but really any company causing their stock to drop 20 percent has a problem with trust in my book, theyr should have never given such a discount, if they believe we have something good, look at her compensation its over a million dollars, if she really gave a hoot about NBS, a 300-450k salary would be more reasonable, then her current 800k, the stop 5 or 6 people make nearly 3.5 million in salary for a company that has to continue to sell shares to make ends meet and whom sells the promise of tomorrow they should show their efforts, some of them have over 2 million shares of stock and its easy for them to get it cheap, they just give it to themselves... I do hope this has a better tomorrow, but as of today it looks bleek to say the least...

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      • They need the operational cash to finish the Phase II Trials. Shares will not sell if there is not a discount on a high risk stock. You have to give an incentive to do so and that is a discount.. At The Market offerings would have no effect here since there is no buying pressure at the price before the offering and bond issuance is out of the question. So this is what they are forced to do. At least it is a public offering and not a private placement which can be much more insidious.

        It is very easy to say if she gave a hoot she would take a cut. The question is would you take a 50% salary cut if you were use to accustom to the lifestyle at that level. Besides, $800,000 is chump change in NYC. This is setback to your portfolio and mine and it hurts, but wouldn't it hurt more if they ran out of cash and this went to zero?

        Sentiment: Buy

    • I'm with you zz. All these naysayers come in after the fact and blow hard. Let's hope they are shorting at these levels. But they are probably just mouthing. Most have little intelligence and even smaller resources, hence the ridiculous crybaby banter. But the damage seems to be being absorbed in this general area and the volume is tremendous today. So there are buyers -- millions of them.

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