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  • ronaldschobel Apr 30, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    NBS-not to be trusted regardless of...

    what they offered and the bucks coming in. Could not be trusted @$2.50 down to .35 and pumped to .66 and diluted today. That is why I only track this stk-not worth the effort to buy when there are much better investments at this point in time and better use of your hard earned dollars.
    NBS may have a good business plan, but not worth supporting till management gets their sh..together.
    Going to be interesting to read how Seeking Alpha handles this explosion.
    Buy-NO Hold-Yes Strong buy-a pumper dumper-seen this many times.

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    • I like how they keep replaying the Redchip small stocks big money episodes the last 3 weeks where I live and NBS with the ceo is on there being interviewed. when jon, jon cunningham i guess comments on their stock price she just kinda smirks and says something to the effect. of I will leave that up to you professionals. You know she knew at that time this was going to happen. Thats BS to tout it on national tv for a month and pump it up. then this.. that is kinda chicken if you ask me. she should come out and comment on that at least and say she should have saved that interview for 3 months from now or not done it at aLL!

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      • I came back after selling in November 2012 to see what the price was. I unloaded at 0.72 and bought Roche (RHHBY) with the proceeds. Nice dividend and even better price appreciation. Disappointing to see where NBS has gone (Nowhere). Good luck to ya'.

      • greatoffersclub1 Apr 30, 2013 9:10 PM Flag

        Just for all of you know, I was in with 6000 shares of keryx in early January at 1.52. It rose to 3.08 when it tumbles on a public offering in mid January to 2.35 when I sold to capture gains (about 22% drop). Same as what NBS just dropped today. Guess what! Two weeks later it reported positive top line results early and went to almost $10.00 a share. I lost out on $45,000. If you live by emotion you die by emotion.
        Think about it; if all three sections of this company in which 21.4% of the stock is insider owned( POSSIBLy MORE AFTER TODAY) this stock could easily be worth $25.00 a share. Would you want to do lose a few thousand or gain 100,000's thousands? Your choice!

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