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  • gravitylab gravitylab Oct 3, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

    it annoys me...

    ...that they'd kill the upward momentum we were having with this action after having just issued more shares so recently. This move makes me question the way they are running things.

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    • This downward trend is a good time to load up for more shares if you really believe that the clinical trials
      will be a success. Your perseverance will pay up in due time.

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    • ...but the momentum was SO they coudl issue new shares. Its always this way with biotechs.

    • Grave....what momentum are u talking about? was going into correction since the BS article in SA 3 weeks ago,,,plus with the gov't inaction...and the whole stock market correcting too...I think its the perfect timing.
      In the next few weeks or so they will announce full enrollment completed.and /or other things...ans it will rock again. However know that I'm p...d too a little bit...but I am in for the long haul.

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    • I would have preferred NBS had waited until the first quarter of '14 before making the offering. That said, I'm sure they're doing what's best for the company. One must remember, the officers of NBS hold ~15% of the shares. I'm sure they're not interested in diluting their piece of the pie, unless absolutely necessary.

      I'm in this company for the big payday. I believe in the product, and I think NeoStem has a very bright future. One may try to make momentum plays, jumping in and out, and perhaps make a few dollars. I think the sure way to the green is to buy the dips, and be patient for several years.

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      • Who is ignorant now?
        It's hard to believe that novices like you feel free to give advice to other investors while spewing BS facts on a company you know nothing about. This was an easy call as it will be in two quarters when they once again run out of funds. This company is good for a quick buck and that's it. Real investors will never trust a company that dilutes, dilutes, dilutes and then does the ole reverse split.

        "You appear to ignorant of the company operations.

        NeoStem has ~20 million cash on hand. Their PCT manufacturing division's revenues continue to increase, with a realistic chance of the company being self sufficient in the near term.

        NeoStem completed a 26 million (2.6 million after reverse split) offering in May 2013. If they were doing anything more for 2013, it would have made sense to do it then.

        NeoStem has more than enough money to last well into next year. With the major players in the company being paid with shares rather than cash, they have as much reason to avoid dilution as we shareholders. If the company does offer additional shares, it would make much more sense to wait until the first half of 2014. By the time, results from the phase 2 AMR-001 trial may be ready for release, and additional data may be available for release.

        NeoStem may offer shares in the future, but at a share price is at $10-$15 or better than now at 1/2 that.

        Of course, if the efficacy of their products proves out, a future share offering may be moot. They may be offered a deal they can't refuse from a major (can you say Baxter)."

      • Surely glad I sold 150 shares at $9.05 several days ago, but regret not selling the other 300 shares! Today's drop puts me under water, and Friday will be lots worse!

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