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  • mattieowen mattieowen Oct 25, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    Eventually reality sets in...

    It's 4 to 5 years before Neo turns a profit. In order to do that the cash burn will need to increase. There will be many more stock offerings to pay for all of this. That is how Neostem funds their projects and pays their employees every single time. If you don't believe me please do your own due diligence.
    Some of the pumpers on this board are quite obviously paid for their posts. Check out their handles and you'll see time on yahoo less than a year.
    If Neo makes it they will be a great company to invest in, but right now a buyout is the only hope for price appreciation. Sometimes it's better to get out of the way and let the PPS become attractive before taking the plunge.

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    • true !!!!!

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    • Mattie, NBS is a business and also small government not yet a super power.For thousannds of years politicians and investors have been priming the pump for failing organizations with good motives. ( simular to the old well pumps in the 1800-1900 hundreds you have to pour a little water in the pump to get it started getting a lot of water in the well) use your head not your feelings, learn from experience you have to hurt and give little and you most likely will take alot onces the pump gets enough water and to starts making a lot of water. No Basher the well is not dry.

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    • Guess you forgot they have cash flow. Of course you don't mention that, because then your entire premise would be WRONG!!!

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    • I have only been here less than a year. I am betting with my money you are wrong about NBS. I do realize they have to have cash to run the business tho. Less than a year may make me a newby , so where do I go to get paid? It's not one of those work online scams, is it?

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    • So how much does Neostem pay per post to every pumper who has been here less than a year? Do they include the cost of paid message board pumpers into their stock offerings? I must have missed the memo, because by your definition, I am a pumper. I guess I didn't get the memo, because they aren't paying me per post. Maybe I should sue them?
      Your post is so ridiculous on so many levels. A Phase II trial of Amorcyte will be completed 4th Qr of this year. Results will be reported next year. If that is positive, you don't think that would be cause for appreciation?
      You are obviously a basher. Antiq, Allo_geneic, and others are paid bashers, and having paid bashers means a stock has promise, and companies/hedgefunds are investing to keep the price down, with all their nonsensical 666 comments, and reverse cow girls eee aww. What the heck does that have to do with a stock? Seriously, Yahoo really should get useless #$%$ like that off of these message boards.

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