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  • mikey9991 mikey9991 Jul 8, 2008 10:02 AM Flag

    Todays PR is Good News


    I would have to say that the PR is good news.
    I do not think it means the PPA is approved, but if they are going to China,,, the deal certainly is not dead.
    Yes, this is good news.

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    • Grajee,

      I will admit some of my frustration comes from no PPA as of yet, but I’m still disappointed in the missed dates, postponed dates and delays. If a serious institutional investor where looking into WWEI and saw all these NR’s with potential PPA closures they would be scared off. Do what you say and say what you mean. If you’re not sure don’t say anything. I know the company has potential and hopefully in the next two weeks the PPA is done. If it’s not I’m not the only one who’s going to be POed.

      Having said all that the price is taking a nice upswing today.

    • I agree, I know this thing is so junior, and things are bound to be delayed, I just wish that there was more honesty in the PRs from management. Anything the company says should be super conservative, as if it were MD&A because investors are relying on the fact that it is all said in good faith. I don't know about you capo, but i felt like some of the things the company was putting out there recently, truly were just trying to pump the stock, and I think most people saw right through it (ie little to no movement after the Windcor/Caribbean announcements). And again, posting that an analyst upgraded your stock in the company newsfeed? that's a stretch even for a micro-cap like this company, management should know better.

      I realize that management and all of the lawyers, investment banks etc. have mostly been paid in common stock for their services, and price increases mean they can get their cash out profitably, but I think it's important that the PRs need to be a little more on the conservative side.

      As for the communist debate, I thought we put that dog to bed? Regardless, I'll finish with this: When you were saying "commies," if you were only referring to the core government, then (on that front) I apologize. But I don't think that every civil servant or government employee is necessarily communist. I don't know enough about American government to draw a comparison, but in Canada for instance, it would be a far cry to assume that everyone who works for the National Energy Resource Conservation Board is a Conservative. And I guess it sounded a little like you were referring to chinese people in the broader sense as commies (although it seems you weren't) and I took offense to that. Anyways, lets leave that debate for another medium.

      Go WWEI!

    • Fair enough Mikey...and no I'm not pleased and my patients is growing thin. In my world I hold a fair amount of shares and will stick around for a while longer. I've always said positive things about management of this company and hope they don't prove me wrong.

    • It says nothing special about this team at all, having two meetings in a week on two sides of the planet is commonplace today. That is the nature of the global economy.

    • No. I actually have been kept quite informed by the pr's. All I am saying is that their statements are not very precise. I dont see any ill intention. It is human nature to make yourself sound good even if you are doing it honestly. You know the old adage "sugar coated"? It is honest and sugar coated.
      How do you see things?

    • And if so it makes this quote from you (the beggining of this thread) not true.

      "I would have to say that the PR is good news.
      I do not think it means the PPA is approved, but if they are going to China,,, the deal certainly is not dead.
      Yes, this is good news".

    • that your opinion at this point don't hold your breath because management is telling us what we want to hear?

    • There are small and let me emphasize "small" communication problems. I will give you an example. The company execs are suppose to be in Canada early next week and then in China next week as well. Well, unless they only have one day of meetings with each group this is another miscommunication. Who knows, maybe they can pull off 2 high level meetings in a week. If they do it says quite a bit about this team.IMO.

    • at least this thread is providing good debate company/political/economic wise, and it's not just mnoelie telling all us WWEI-ers to shove things in certain places. That seems to be a trend on a good half of the threads on here

    • There you go with the chinamen garbage again. And when you assume that all chinese people, even those who work in government agencies are 'commies,' then it begins to resemble, yes, a racial slur. Anyways, this isn't a forum for debating racial issues, I only wanted to express my dislike for your wording and what-not, being half-chinese. I apologize for opening up this sort of discussion, I know we are trying to talk finance here.

      Anyways... It's not upsetting anyone whose truly in to ride this long term, it's just frustrating that management has continued to push PRs like this, thats all.

      And for the record they are a Canadian based company not American.

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