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  • greasytrades greasytrades Jul 21, 2008 3:56 PM Flag

    Seriously, how can we believe in them

    What real tangible evidence is there that this PPA process is advanced as they say it is? How can we prove any of this stuff? I'm very skeptical here and would like to believe all that they say.

    Can anyone point to any piece of evidence that we can validate outside of WWEI's press?

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    • The roads were already there. The other company has not saved WWEI any money on infastructure. I found this in that press release they had about doubling the size of the land lease. I am not trying to be a pesimist but I will not read anything positive into what they say after today's admission of a "no trip". Couldnt they have at least released a 3 sentence update letting us know of the weather delay?

      "This location has an excellent set of roads for accessing the potential site. The site presents virtually no encumbrances to an installation of either a meteorological tower or a wind farm. Road access for turbine installation would also be ideal as the road runs adjacent to the site."

    • Delayed you mean? <<PPA process is advanced >>. Advancing is opposite of Postpone.

      If they wanted to delay the PPA would they even announce it with a PR?

    • This is a story stock, you believe it or not. If you believe they had a meeting delayed by the Chinese, it is a perfectly reasonable excuse for not announcing the PPA, so wait a(nother) week. If you believe they are lying about it, you know what to do. Those are the two choices there is not much in between. IMHO.