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  • sograteez sograteez May 6, 2006 4:47 PM Flag


    For those of you who are too new to realize this, Telephonics, Odaat and Ralph Wilson are either one in the same or, separate but one thing is for sure; they've got a vested interest in this company exclusive of their purchase of shares as private investors. Most likely past or present stock option awards motivate this (or is it these) assholes to post here non stop for years on end pretending that this company has any merit whatsoever. Truth be told that after all of these years to "prove themselves" management has driven our second incarnation of shares to a split adjusted .27 cents from the once lofty plateau of 9.00!! Can you imagine?!!)!@#!@#!

    Yet they still lead the cheers with all the pom poms, bluster and bullshit they can muster. My advice to you others: Get out of this stock, dont watch it more than once every six weeks and be glad that you did. I wasted over 2 years in this pathetic company before I took my losses last year and have since managed to double what remained by investing in real companies with real wholly owned products and real profits. CLN has NEVER had any of these things.

    It's time to stop rewarding the owner founders' ineptitude and deciet. Sell your shares, say goodbye and....GOOD RIDDANCE!

    Fare thee well, my foolish friends. See you at the next reverse split.

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    • Good post. Unfortunately, you'll be sining to the choir once the ignoramuses put you on ignore along with all the other intelligent posters they ignore. You can add "res08qcp" to the ignoramus list. I watched these dummies lose their money hand over fist for 45 days now, warning them all the way, and for that, they put me on ignore. LMFAO!


    • Purpaw didn't notice EMPLOYEES was mispelled too. Don't let a little word like deceit discourage you.

      D.S. Reale & son in law Mon as well as the current Management & BOD have made out handsomely.

      Only Holding Shareholders have gotten the shaft.

      Observing & long Sold out former shareholders have wondered how long this R/S POS would wobble along until others realize that they are picking up the TAB for the incompetence of others.
      There is a LONG LIST of respectable 'former shareholders' and Management.

      One only needs to do three years worth of due diligence to know something isn't right in Denmark.
      I agree Sogratz..RW, O'dummy his new ID resqcpo (or something like that) are one and the same.

      Well, like my minister told me:
      "If you keep doing what you always did; you will get what you always got."

      For most of the current long shareholders this means :



    • Put this idiot on ignore. He's just another moron who has no idea what he's talking about. He's trying to raise a non-issue about stock options to scare those who don't understand the fact that options aren't an issue with this stock.

    • Lester,

      Congrats on getting out with your head still screwed on forwards. I am not entirely sure about whether that's true or not. Me, once I sell the stock, I never come back to the msg board. Of course, if Edygrl was still posting, I would never leave. Do y'all remember her?

      I emailed TD about giving me a job as the company watchdog on this yahoo board. I said I was going to take my entire pay in long term options. He said there was no need for a man of my expertise, that the stock will eventually speak for itself, and politely declined. Come to think of it, I should get paid for all the name calling abuse I get on this board, some deserved, mostly not. Maybe if you email him directly about my quals, he'd give me a job. I have lots of time being retired and all. Thanks in advance for your help.


    • wow,I was believing everything up until you spelled deceit wrong,then I realized your just an idiot.It must be good news coming out
      if someone that doesn't own the stock anymore
      is going to bash it.

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