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  • jedclmisky jedclmisky Jun 16, 2007 4:19 PM Flag

    I paid 7.38 on Friday... Now I'm worried!

    First, I must admit I don't know much about stocks or investing for that matter and as a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income maybe I have no business in the stock market anyway. Be that as it may, after reading the post on this board, especially that poster with the moniker yourkillingmelarry, I thought I would roll the dice. Wouldn't you know it,dagnamit, as soon as I push the buy botton the stock goes down. Oh well, I just hope you guys on this board are telling the truth because I've bet six months of disabity checks on CLN. Now I'm wondering can someone tell me if this larry guy is for real or have I been hoodwinked? I guess I'll know over the next few weeks, oh well, everyone have a wonderful weekend. Jed

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    • So you sure as heck didn't pay 7.38

    • I've been averaging down by adding to my position on these dips which means I buy a few shares of CLN every single day.

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      • Jed, do not buy right now! I also do not intend to sound didactical, however, please understand a rare candlestick pattern in which an upside gap doji star followed by a downside gap black candlestick has formed. JED!!!! Right now it is imparative that you keep a sharp eye on the Elliott waves and watch for the three-wave countertrend price movement. Wave A is the first price wave against the trend of the market. Wave B is a corrective wave to Wave A. Wave C is the final price move to complete the countertrend price move. Elliott wave followers study waves A and C for price ratios based on those numbers and then apply the Fibonacci numbers and invest accordingly. If you follow this method you should do well with CLN.

      • Jed,

        Jed at the risk of sounding didactic, do not buy a stock just because it is down. Buy because you believe in the business plan and the future potential of the company. I interpret your post to one of looking for validation for your recent decision to buy more shares on a daily basis. Provided you are not betting the farm on Celsion, I think you are exhibiting a degree of moxie and will be rewarded. "Know thy self," don't let greed and fear become your motivators.


    • I'm long on CLN but someone is messing with you on this post. You guys stick to the talking points better than the Bush admin. Just tell the truth... We have no idea what this stock is going to do but we hope for the best.

      "senior citizen on a fixed income" hahaha

    • Jed,
      When this stock splits 10:1 and then goes to a SP of $100, it will not matter if you bought in at $6 or $7.38.
      Some posters on this MB may think I'm being too conservative, because, after all, we are talking about a revolutionary new process to treat Cancer. The new standard of care. What will that be worth?

    • Jed it is unwise and foolish to adopt a trading practice of viewing an equity with such a myopic approch. Just remember the trend is your friend and in this regard it looks like you and CLN are buddies as this stock flirts with its 52 week high. Thanks to my computers algorithmic programs I identifed and bought CLN several weeks ago and continue to view CLN as strong buy and hold. Regarding YKML, I find his post to somewhat childish and immature, a high functioning dim-wit if you will. With that said, his information/banter does appear be substantially true and supported with DD. Although you should never depend on a Yahoo message board for any stock investment.

    • Hold on strong. Your patience will be rewarded. This stock has not even seen a fraction of it's potential yet. I have a few thousand shares and a nice profit. I am not selling.

      Long, Long

    • Jed,

      I recently bought some in the $6.00 range -- I also manages to get some below $2.00 -- I also bought some a while back in the $15 to $20 range. So $7.38 doesn't look that bad to me. (I like all of my shares and I am going to hold them for a while.)

      This is going to be a roller coaster ride, but I (like many on this board) are looking for $20 or $30 or maybe more.

      The initial indications are that Thermodox has a lot of promise. There is certainly risk here, but it would not surprise me if this is a "blockbuster" in which case an enterprise value in the billions is not out of the question -- with no additional financing required. This would mean a triple digit stock price. Like I said -- there is risk -- but a 10 or 20 bagger from here is NOT out of the question.

    • answer your question, if your disability does not prevent you from grabbing ankles, I would suggest you do that now. I hope this helps.

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