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  • odaat_the_cancer_fighter odaat_the_cancer_fighter Oct 30, 2012 10:45 PM Flag

    The next landscape-altering storm to hit New Jersey this fall...

    As was pointed out to me by a very esteemed fellow Celsion long, who, by the way, God bless him, has donated THOUSANDS to my Relay For Life event to fight cancer,..the next tropical storm name after Sandy begins with a T. No, it's not Tony, as the NOAA site says. The next historically huge, landscape altering, market-halting event to make its landing in New Jersey will be Hurricaane Thermodox! My friend predicts it's gonna blow people away, and its path shows it will be a big hit, right there in Lawrenceville, NJ, and will be of major impact along the many large biopharmaceutical corporations right there on the I-95 corridor. The storm will produce a hail of a good time for longs, will sustain its momentum, and is likely to trigger other events, such as powerful license agreements and a downpour of new forecasters covering the events with predictions of coming weather to be excellent.

    Folks, keep a weather eye on Celsion. If they delay the conference call to anything past the 14th or so, I believe that could mean data out before the call. Listen closely to the last 1.5 minutes of the last conference call. For those of you who know Mike well, to me, his voice has a certain floggidyness about it that says "we'll be talking results and popping champagne on the next call."

    One other meteoroligical odaatious observation...MANY signs point to the likelihood that we JUST missed what was needed for interim halnksm. Yet, we know that the statistical hurdle at the interim is INCREDIBLY high.

    So, let's do some odaatious logic, folks.

    1. We "just missed" an incredibly high hurdle at interim.
    2. The accrual of events since then has been S L O W. (After tons of discussion and debate, my final conclusion is that in the end, this bodes well re: Tdox's efficacy.)

    Now, do some odaatious maathemaatics.

    Now, i'll "reduce the answer to the most simple terms" for you:


    Get ready folks. Batten down your hatches and prepare for a storm that, just like Sandy has hurt so many and caused "incalculable damage and historic impact" Hurricaane Thermodox is going to HEAL so many, and result in "historic impact in medicine and incalculable investment returns."

    I've stood on this shore long enough, and I am ready. I don't care if you think Odaat is a prophet on the dunes or a freak in a speedodaat, I know this technology and stock like I know my own smell, and this is it, and it's about to open wide and make landfall.

    This is Hurricaane Thermodox...the veritable drug delivery and cancer answer. Arguably the most significant development in oncology in the past 18 to 26 years. The most significant new drug, nay, pipeline within a product, aimed first at the fast growing and soon to be largest cancer in the world.

    1991? Sandy? Katrina? These are not perfect storms. How could something that hurts so many be perfect?

    No, the perfect storm is looming folks, and it's Hurricaane Thermodox. Longs are bunkered in and on the down low. Shorts are feeling high pressure.

    - Odaat, Meteorologically.

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    • alark13 Oct 31, 2012 10:40 AM Flag

      For the sake of all who suffer from cancer... may it be so...

    • You're point number 2) is a good one Odaat. Events have indeed slowed. We went from a consistent 22 mth lag time (last measured at 219 events) to about 28 mths for 380. There are only a few reasons for this, and the main one being an increase in the ratio of Tdox patients to placebo patients (assuming Tdox patients have a larger pfs). I think the ramp up that occurred in enrollment the year before 219 is why we did not see a rise in lag time before.

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      • 1 Reply to wjjipape
      • kccjfc Oct 31, 2012 11:48 AM Flag


        As of the end of August, 2012(around the time of the last DMC review), there were 570 patients who had been enrolled for at least 15 months, 600 for at least 14 months, and 613 for at least 12 months.

        Something appears to be working, and I think it's tdox(cel?) combined with rfa. Works better than liposomal doxorubicin administered solo and rfa administered solo.


    • GREAT post odaat. I must say I like the soundodat.

      A few questions:

      1. Any chance interim unblinding was likely never an option as I believe the DMC, the FDA, and Celsion all wanted to remain blinded while enrollment had continued in china. The FDA probably values the size of the trial and a potential first line treatment for HCC and I believe the consensus was just not to rush to unblind when in another year you would be assuring yourself of a better data set.

      2. Any concerns about bty's warnings of manipulative efforts by Pfizer friendly funds attempting to punish the long term holders (or something like this)?

      3. Can Antonio Brown be stopped?

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    • Odaat.....I had to pick myself up off the floor after reading that post. It blew me pun intended.

      I'll be out of pocket the next few days on business travel. Good to see you back posting. Has me feeling floggiddy!! lol

      To picture you in a speedo?? ears flapping and your banana hammock pulled up under your arm pits?? OMG!!!


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