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  • bwatson04090 bwatson04090 Jan 16, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

    Attention yahoo users and new posters

    Please enough nonsense about being able to get in touch with management, its a publicly owned company and even me a little retail investors has been in contact by phone with Jeff Chuch and exchanged emails with other management members. It is after all a PUBLICLY traded company and if you know certain tricks, and/or are persistent enough its pretty easy to do. ALSO as a long of 5 years and many other longs will vouch for the credibility of SIA, WEST and others...

    Get a grip recently Im going to call into question the personal attacks on SIA, on this board and on twitter as a way to try and discredit a long who has done some serious DD that MOST of us appreciate. It's easy for me to see some personal vendetta on a guy who's forgotten more about Celsion and HCC than many of you even know.

    So if you don't want to put in the time to do it yourself, #$%$ about someone who's willing to do so...

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    • alark13 Jan 16, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

      Agreed. Sia has done as much for retail investors (longs) as anyone... his blog was invaluable to me... we just witnessed a long post with many replies discussing something we already know... hilarious... yes tx failure = pfs of 0 ... and it is not at all difficult to speak w/reps of these biotechs... I talked w/ the ceo of one company for 40 minutes once when I was doing DD... very nice discussion... they generally appreciate and respect knowlegeable investors... Sia is well respected by CLSN management... and rightly so...

    • edbern Jan 16, 2013 6:12 PM Flag

      Amen, let's move on..Focus on the end result not the side shows.

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    • I didn't make a personal attack, I said I doubted his credibility. Can you blame me? My relationship with him consists of his posts on a YMB and his blog.

      I have appreciated his research. It was the formative basis for my thesis. That's why I'm so disturbed to see him making these ENORMOUSLY unlikely claims about speaking with management today, when they would not speak publicly.

      Also I still can't find reference to a note from Roth Capital except on his (Savioche's) blog.

      Genuinely I'm not trying to trash anybody. I'm still long CLSN. But the posts about speaking to management give me pause.

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      • There was a time, not too long ago, where this stock traded 3,000 shares on a GOOD day. It lasted YEARS. Some of the long time investors like Sia, developed relationships when management had few people to talk to. It's a different universe now but nice to see management hasn't forgotten SIA, an investor who helped them and all of us, enormously with that blog. When you all finally did show up, he made it fairly easy to form the opinion we all came to.

        The guy is a hero. Hope to buy him a drink in Vegas pretty soon.

      • Seriously, you should call or email management officers when you have a question. In the past I have developed relationships with the IR office of several Biotechs and they have for the most part responded in a timely manner.

        Always identify yourself as. Shareholder and treat them with courtesy and respect. They will usually very accommodating and help you in any way they can.

        Hey, it's your money and company.


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      • Your not making personal attacks but you doubt his credibility???? oxymoron

        yes i can blame you, the mans done interviews with MIKE, talked to Bory's, and management has has been impressed by his own personal level of DD, including finding studies management was not aware of.....
        Also social media is a huge influence and after some questionable management decisions, Management SIA was able to use his blog, and gather questions that all shareholders had and present them to management that was answered for ALL of us shareholders.....
        SO genuinely believe what you want but if you want to publicly try and give doubt or raise questions about a man most of us know interacting behind the scenes so to speak, expect a public rebuttal

    • Also because Im quite fed up with some whining, if your nervous now, get out now......these are highly risky investments as you saw with the drop today if you don't like that and can't stomach that...get out

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      • bking73 Jan 16, 2013 6:07 PM Flag


        I dont believe the company has communicated anything 'material' to Sia or other long time investors. To say there has been a leak is material. To say things went off track is material. To say we know why the shares plunged is material. To say there is no leak, things are on track and we dont know what's wrong and are working with Nasdaq etc. are not material info. They are how it should be.

        That said, it is safe for management to come out with a PR that has everything that they communicated to Sia, Phil Kobi etc, to reassure things are on track. This will cover their back bigtime later on. Imagine an investor that sold in panic and files saying 'if management had publicly communicated everything is on track, I would not have sold. Certain class of investors were selectively reassured etc.', its going to be a problem. Sia updating his blog or posting twitter is not considered public information. Company has to release a PR. Both the company and the good samaritan will be punished in the legal maze, if any information that impacts share price in any way (even help protect it against rumors) is not disseminated via a PR.

        Again, what CLSN communicated to Sia can 'probably' be argued as 'immaterial' but I believe they will do themselves a world of good by issuing a PR with everything that they communicated to SIA (or selectively to people who called them ). I hope they are talking to their legal advisors right NOW on how to handle this.

        All my opinion ofcourse, and I can be wrong.

      • The cat says sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • excuse the rant but man.......

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