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  • quintonweigner quintonweigner Jan 27, 2013 9:25 AM Flag

    What limit sell would you recommend for someone who won't be able to monitor the opening?

    I'll be in the O.R. before the Market opens and will have only 2 opportunities to check stock throughout the day. The first being around 11:00 EST and the next being about 1:30 EST. If results are released pre-market or at the opening tomorrow (Monday) what are your recommendations on a sell limit? I planned on selling 65-75% on the pop and then getting back in after the profit taking. My plan at this moment is to set a limit sell at $16.50 for 25%, $17.50 for 25%, and $18.50 for another 25%. I'm hoping to unload at least 25% but don't want to leave too much on the table. At the same time, if it opens at $14 and doesn't move much through lunch and then nose dives at the end of the day I'm gonna feel like an idiot for setting my limit too high. Not educated enough about options to make heads or tails of where they may point but I've read anywhere between $17-$19. I'd appreciate your thoughts on strategy for my situation and if you have a better strategy, I'd like to hear it. Hoping pr is released saying that results will be announced Tuesday. I'm in clinic on that day and it's easy to monitor what's going on with the stock.

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    • Because I was fairly late to this dance, with an average pps of about $7.25, I have a sell order in for 1000 shares at a sufficient price to recoup most of my cost. Now, that's a fairly high price compared to where the stock is now, but I think the stock may go up to $35-$40 within a week of the report. The rest of my shares I am going to keep for a while because I don't see the stock dropping down either that much or for that long because of all the pharmaceutical companies that will be offering to partner with CLSN, all of the funds wanting to add CLSN to their portfolios, and the tiny float with no need to dilute thanks to the HISUN deal. If anything, I can see the stock being split anywhere from 2:1 to 4:1 to increase the share count. If not, the share price is somewhere around $75-$100 within 12-18 months.

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    • I don't think results will be out tomorrow (Monday) morning. I speculate an after-market announcement about Results & Conference on Tuesday morning.

      To answer your question, the price will depend on the strength of the numbers, the efficacy or lack thereof. I am of the strong opinion, you will not get as good a stock price for selling (if that is what you plan on doing) the opening day. Wall Street is not long this stock as much as Retail is. That's a problem that Wall Street will find a way to change. The low float along with the multi-possibilities of Thermodox for other cancers is all to the advantage to those that hold their shares, IMHO.

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    • I agree with one of the other replys. If you are a trader, you better be glued to the computer. Anyone offering you advise as to what this stock will do at a specific time is delusional. If you believe you can pick highs and lows to jump in and out of a stock like this you should quit your day job and trade full time. I have yet to meet anyone who can do that although these boards are full of people claiming they can.

    • If the results are good there is no need to sell at all. The next milestone event for CLSN is within less than 60 days - when HISUN contracts for TDOX for great china. The option contract from last week defined, that they have to take the option within 60 days. For sure, they will take the option if TDOX results are positive - and will have to pay about 100 mio usd within the next 18 months to CLSN (approval in china should occur mid 2014).

      This event makes sure, that NO DILUTION will happen furthermore and gives CLSNs PPS a second boost. I don't think that the PPS will consolidate if wee see only 15-18 usd after the news as the next news event is imminent.


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      • If HCC was the extent of it, I would say you have a good plan. But if it works with HCC, safety and effectiveness, there is not a single reason to believe it wont work in treating 15-20 other cancers using different types of chemo drugs.

        You did the hard part of getting in early and risking it all on proof of concept. Sell on news and you miss out on the whole run up as the rest of the universe starts understanding just how big this is. Institutional buying and all the rest. We're just at the beginning of the story, stay and enjoy the show!

    • of course, many binary events just keep cranking up after the pop-- see HGSI 2009.

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    • b.oneil1 Jan 27, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

      I wouldn't set a sell limit. If we have good results then I doubt there will be a sell-off late in the day. I think the prices you have are too low. Check when you can and look at volume. If at 1:30 the price has flat lined then I would sell some, but that also depends on where price is. And I don't think the pop will end during the day, sell off wont happen until the next day, if theres one. I think everyone will be surprised how high the price goes on good results.

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      • Either I don't get it or you guys don't get it.

        The FLOAT IS SMALL
        NO PHASE 2


        and it could be a single day affair, but that is not my opinion
        Bad Data, it dives
        Good data...on good data it could trade upwards for days.......
        I dont think success is "priced in"

        furthermore, on good data who knows how much more non-dilutive financing money the company can get for existing trials, new was it called?.."New Payloads"

        Did they not call this a once in a generation ???? Did I hear that or not?
        I think I did.....I hope we win...
        Zoom for 1, zoom for all.....

        perhaps that guy ...that started the thread.....perhaps he isn't selling at all.........
        I should come up with a plan for myself actually...I'll go ask my cat.....

    • Why are you selling at all? Is this an investment or a trade for you? You are in the medical field. Have you done your due dilligence?

      And how will you feel if they have a short squeeze and the stock closes at $30?

      You better go the clinic and check in.

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    • I really don't think you have to worry about tomorrow. My thinking all month has been the results will be released the 29th or 30th. I don't know why, but it always seems pharma binaries are released on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.....especially the good ones ;) I personally hope Wednesday because I'd like to pick up another couple hundred shares on Tuesday.

    • IMO we don't have enough information at this moment to provide you with an answer. I think it really depends upon the results as to how high (or low) the price will go. I'd answer your question differently if the results were 30% improvement versus 100% improvement in PFS.

      I'm in the same boat tomorrow - was invited to a breakfast event which lasts for a couple of hours early Monday, then have a client meeting scheduled. I'll probably blow off the breaksfast event, even though I was invited by a referral source and I actually am interested in the topic, and reschedule my client meeting, if results come out early morning tomorrow just to be able to monitor the stock. Still, if results are extremely positive and the pop isn't what I consider large enough, I'm not selling anything, as I'd hold longer term for the results of the other studies (for example $18 -$20 would be the lowest I'd be even tempted to sell a small amount if results were 100% even though I'd be way overloaded in CLSN)

    • Are you saying you won't see the PR (if there is one tomorrow)? If you can see it, that should help you decide. And the pre-market prices will give an indication, too. I have thought about the what-if-it-opens-at-14 and then closes lower scenario. If the results are through the roof (100% beat), I won't sell any shares that cheap.

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