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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 Jan 28, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    This might be the death knell for Adam Feuerstein...seriously.

    You are definitely counting your chickens before they hatch like the news release has already occurred. If I were this confident I would have my entire portfolio in CLSN.
    As far as Feuerstein: Most pharma's do fail, but it is getting better. AF is flat out pathetic. If he is going to say that Thermodox doesn't work at least say what research you have accomplished (yourself), not by listening to someone else (as he usually does). He seems to spending most of his time focused on Arena and there is no question that there is a motive---incentive(s) for him to continuously do this.

    Back to CLSN: If this trial is a success, it will be a HUGE VICTORY for cancer. Adam may be saying Thermodox will fail because No Pharmacy has been able to create a quality treatment for this horrific cancer.

    If the trial fails drastically, then Primary liver cancer is out of the picture and it's quickly moving to focus on Breast Cancer---where I truly believe it will work. Now if it is successful, it is safe to say that Thermodox will be immediately placed in multiple trials as listed on Clinical and then some. In my opinion the valuation should be $1 Billion, or roughly $25 per share, due to they have a great partner in China manufacturing Thermodox which will allow for good profits. This could quickly change cancer around the world and chemo may never be used the same again.

    So this is a trial that many are watching from the sidelines because there will be plenty of room to run, if successful. Plus, it's liver cancer, there has been very little success in this field.

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    • I agree. I have a lot of confidence in Celsion but even if it were to fail, I think his days are numbered, anyway. As someone with a BA, I realize there is only so much I'll ever understand about science and medicine and it isn't close to being enough to opine on biotech firm's chances of success professionally. His knowledge is a bit deeper than mine but nothing on the level of many posters on this board, including yourself.

      So what you have is a guy with a platform at The Street, with a lot of energy, who uses social media well and creates a lot of controversy. But how his actual opinion is valid to anyone when it's clear his understanding of medicine and science is surface deep, is beyond me. Just a matter of time before others WITH that background crowd him out of that space.

      He was also terrorizing the kerx longs right up to that pr this morning. Company released positive results and doubled it's market cap from where it was just last week. The guy is dangerous.

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