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  • daviscupper daviscupper Jan 28, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    This might be the death knell for Adam Feuerstein...seriously.

    Adam Feuerstein gets a lot of mileage out of bashing small biotech companies. It is not too difficult to accumulate a high percentage of wins. Afterall the vast majority of them fail.

    However, Feuerstein's batting average on the big plays DNDN, HGSI, ARNA and now CLSN have fallen flat. He has consistently missed the boat with CLSN and has only offered non-committal tepid support and superficial analysis in the past. Now he just flat out says ThermoDox will fail.

    Think about it. Celsion is going to represent a revolution in oncology treatment around the globe. It might be the greatest drug development platform in a generation. And where is Feuerstein? He is out there saying ThermoDox will fail and Celsion is worth a buck a share.

    I am sure there were many loud mouth idiots that said Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Google etc. were doomed to fail and were only worth a buck a share as a spec stock. Well, Feuerstein will be remembered as the guy who put a $1 value on Celsion. Three years from now we could be worth $300 per share. I will be there to remind him and say "Hey, Adam, you only missed it by 30,000 percent."

    Cheers and Glta longs.

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    • davis...he gets paid by the click..stay away son..also cramer his govna..owns motley fool be careful not to click..they like it when you do.....thats how they make money....i havent paid alot of attention to him for quite some time....but apparently ..others do...& yahoo,. loves them

      stay mate..

      Everything looking good...bought only a few shares here...on a recommendation from a good buddy..

      All looking good....if it hits low 12.oos to mid teens in the next few weeks..i wont complain..

      cheers park

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    • Davis,
      You seriously gloat way too much for a guy who doesn't know the results. People in here, for some reason, hold you in high regard and you haven't been right about anything yet. I would be happy to see you right about everything but how can you say someone is right or wrong in their prediction without knowing the results? Is it arrogance or just irresponsible to the people that follow you? I'm long (probably a bit too long) but it isn't because of anything you or anyone else has said. However, from the sounds of things, other people in here have purchased large amounts solely based on things you say.

      I just hope you are leading all of your "mice" off the pier with those pretty little charts and models.

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      • miachasetracy,

        I give my opinions and I back them up. I also have repeatedly told people to invest only what they can afford to lose.

        Now, it is somewhat interesting of you to admonish me for being, let's say overly optimistic, but you do not admonish shorts for being too pessimistic. Being the wise, objective investor that you claim to be why haven't you chastised the shorts? Just curious.

        Now, if you are trying to buy some more shares and are attempting to bash isn't that a little sneaky?
        Cheers and GLTY.

        P.S. People do not need you to tell them who or who not to listen to.

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    • Doubt it...Cramer and his shill buddies will never stop. They will just go to another sector and screw that up.

    • Davis,
      I have known AF (to my great regret) for 30+ years. He spent more that a decade as a Housing & Building analyst, working for Drexel Burnham if my memory serves me. I agree that Celsion could be the death-knell of his career in biotech. But like Cramer, he may have 9 lives and simply return to H&B which would be an opportune move since the sector is entering a multi-year uptrend.

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    • Don't forget Adam's love affair with AMICUS up until the stock plummeted. And then no mention of the stock again for months now.

    • You are definitely counting your chickens before they hatch like the news release has already occurred. If I were this confident I would have my entire portfolio in CLSN.
      As far as Feuerstein: Most pharma's do fail, but it is getting better. AF is flat out pathetic. If he is going to say that Thermodox doesn't work at least say what research you have accomplished (yourself), not by listening to someone else (as he usually does). He seems to spending most of his time focused on Arena and there is no question that there is a motive---incentive(s) for him to continuously do this.

      Back to CLSN: If this trial is a success, it will be a HUGE VICTORY for cancer. Adam may be saying Thermodox will fail because No Pharmacy has been able to create a quality treatment for this horrific cancer.

      If the trial fails drastically, then Primary liver cancer is out of the picture and it's quickly moving to focus on Breast Cancer---where I truly believe it will work. Now if it is successful, it is safe to say that Thermodox will be immediately placed in multiple trials as listed on Clinical and then some. In my opinion the valuation should be $1 Billion, or roughly $25 per share, due to they have a great partner in China manufacturing Thermodox which will allow for good profits. This could quickly change cancer around the world and chemo may never be used the same again.

      So this is a trial that many are watching from the sidelines because there will be plenty of room to run, if successful. Plus, it's liver cancer, there has been very little success in this field.

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      • I agree. I have a lot of confidence in Celsion but even if it were to fail, I think his days are numbered, anyway. As someone with a BA, I realize there is only so much I'll ever understand about science and medicine and it isn't close to being enough to opine on biotech firm's chances of success professionally. His knowledge is a bit deeper than mine but nothing on the level of many posters on this board, including yourself.

        So what you have is a guy with a platform at The Street, with a lot of energy, who uses social media well and creates a lot of controversy. But how his actual opinion is valid to anyone when it's clear his understanding of medicine and science is surface deep, is beyond me. Just a matter of time before others WITH that background crowd him out of that space.

        He was also terrorizing the kerx longs right up to that pr this morning. Company released positive results and doubled it's market cap from where it was just last week. The guy is dangerous.

    • Nope, using Cramer as a measurement. He can be wrong most of the time and stick around indefinitely.

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      • He may still be around but he will be remembered as the guy who missed the "big one."

        Would you like to be remembered as the guy who said Microsoft, Apple or Google is only worth a $1 per share?

        My first boss was a great engineer. The first day I showed up to work I had a very expensive hand-held calculator. My graduating class were not allowed to use them on tests because they were so expensive and they felt the $300-$400 HP calculators gave an excessive advantage to "rich" students (They did not consider some students worked and bought them with their own money).

        Anyway, when I showed up for work my boss was using a slide rule. He looked at my fancy calculator (which by the way you can buy the equivalent for $30 today) and said it was just a toy and would never replace the sliderule. As brilliant and talented as he was as an engineer I still remember how incredibly dumb that statement was. It took him two years but he finally retired his sliderule.

        I will always remember Feuerstein as the guy who missed the "big one."

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