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  • miachasetracy miachasetracy Jan 30, 2013 8:04 PM Flag

    Warned you about Daviscupper

    All of you who have fiercely defended him when I told you the Pied Piper was just going to lead you right off the pier have to be sh---ting yourselves that your guy has "peeled way back" in his CLSN stake. A guy who thinks "there is a 99.44% probability of stellar results" sells out before those results? You got played.

    What kind of person makes huge predictions and promises, posts over 600 pumping posts in the last 4 weeks alone, becomes irate when anyone even mentions failed results, and then doesn't have the balls to see it through? Just sleazy.

    Keep thanking the guy for all those contorted stats and models but remember this: He's not even buying his own BS.

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    • Get a life dude. So sad for you.

    • Here's one of Davis' mice that defended him many times. This was right after David said he pumped and dumped. Doesn't sound too please.

      by xavier_nine . Jan 30, 2013 6:13 PM . Permalink
      Wow. After I stood up for u in a post attacking you as a BSer, you sell or "peel way back". I hope you kick yourself and the stock does amazingly well. You pumped it beautifully... You hold an contest get everyone excited and dump before results.

    • Where is his post that he admits to peeling way back in his holdings? I'd like to read it. Please post the time or totle so I can search for it.

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    • mwindsweptfarm Jan 30, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

      How do you know he sold his shares?

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    • look here jack...just because an idiot left,he wasnt the reason great results will happen !! they will happen without him

    • I fully agree with you. What a shame to have fouled all the people on this MB. I am shy to have seen relentlessly his posts and his disciples following his advices. It was like a religion. The worst is that tomorrow I am not sure at all off the "stellar" results.

    • you are a liar, who did you warn? your first post ever was only this month...not defending dcups for sure, but you are just another flying monkey!

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      • miachasetracy,
        You also wrote this, which was my person favorite. LOL.

        "Can u imagine how dumb you guys are going to sound defending Davis if the results are bad? Maybe we should slow down the bromance until we see if those pretty models are right. Remember, anybody can post anything in here - true or not - and it could end up costing people a lot of money without any repercussions or penalty.

        "Only after the tide goes out do we get to see who's been swimming naked." - Warren Buffet

        The tide is definitely going out tomorrow morning. We'll see.

      • Bottom line, we DO stand a great chance of great results. That comes not just from DCUPS but the CEO of the company, the head of investment at Griffith and many, many other people both on this board and off. DCUPS did not stand alone, he was one of many voices.

        Dcups was a pump and dumper. I'm not annoyed. But do agree, that to set out to actively deceive people over months and months...I feel sorry for him. He's smart enough to not have to scam people but as someone else said, that's who he is. But it's his problem, not yours, not mine. Be thankful you don't have to deal with that sort of psychosis in your own life or family.

        Feeling good going into the morning.


      • Love when I get to embarrass people who call me a liar and make them look stupid. These are some of the things I said: If you need anything else, let me know.

        "Ahh, 1 person who didn't drink the Kool-Aid. Bad part about buying what someone is selling on a message board is there are no repercussions. He has just about everyone here following him like the Pied Piper including a few that I've seen actually purchased because of him. If this goes bad, that's a lot of blood on your hands."

        You seriously gloat way too much for a guy who doesn't know the results. People in here, for some reason, hold you in high regard and you haven't been right about anything yet."

        "Has the Pied Piper stopped playing his pipe? Your mice are scattering in panic mode. Better post another one of those "99.44% chance of stellar results" quotes."

        "Is this how it'll go? "You cost me my 401K but thanks for all the research" We'll see how much love you're throwing around if this goes bad."

        "I feel bad for the people that follow someone that guarantees victory or thinks they already won something."

        "He said based on his models and research that "there is a 99.44% probability that the results are stellar". That means, based on your moronic post of "he's said things could go wrong", what he really said is "there is a 1 half of 1 percent chance things could go wrong"."

    • Amen

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