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  • bwatson04090 bwatson04090 Jan 30, 2013 8:51 PM Flag

    To ALL

    You all know who Im talking too, been a wild and fun ride regardless of outcomes, each of you I've assigned online visions of that are amusing to say the least and its been a pleasure to know all.
    I've been a bull for years (in case it wasn't obvious) I read a tweet today (basically thousands of them lol) Mike T has got a chip on his shoulder the size of Everest. Max Link knows money knows the market. Perhaps its just me but they've squeezed maximum amount of eyes on CLSN, maximum amount of suspense, max emotion. I think they want to put it to the shorts and the naysayers. Lets not forget this team has been ridiculed by alot of folks, don't think they don't know.

    At least after 4 beers thats how it feels lol...

    Anyways I'll be here tm regardless of results, if right I say congrats to all who held and believed, if wrong I'll stand like a man and admit I was wrong. The battle lines set in a stock like this tend to get emotional and out of hand at times.

    Tm win or lose lets all act with class and dignity, our bets have been placed, the arguments have been made, swearing, bitter disputes and so forth are over. In our culture we must have a winner and a loser, it takes strength to admit defeat, but it takes character and grace to accept success.

    Good luck all, may tomorrow be filled with grace

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    • I always enjoyed your post and other longs. I wish you well and God bless.

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    • Hey, Watson
      There is a lot of good and bad on this message board. You, sir, are clearly part of the good.
      Tomorrow we shall celebrate a small victory in the fight against cancer.
      And maybe make a shatload of $$$ in the process.

    • even if I had no skin in the game.....I would want CLSN to succeed....just lost a first cousin to liver cancer........hope it works for humanity sake.....hell with making money on it

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    • I just bought in recently and am not a long-time regular on the boards but that post just made me want to salute you and sing the Star Spangled Banner.....

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    • Well said, bwats. You are a good man, and thank you for all of the discussion (and dare I say friendship) leading up to this moment. I can say the same thing about a LOT of you, what an experience this has been.

      Let's cross our fingers, and as bwats said, if things don't go our way, I will admit defeat and keep my head high.


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      • its Griff here....said i would stay quiet until results and said id go quiet til results. time has come and i think its a good time to pop in and wish best to all. been a fun ride and hope it pays off. mitch, lets plan a party post announcment for all the longs here.....flog trond and others. would be great to put faces to the names....then we plan the next big investment

        bring on those big meaty chunks!

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      • You bet bio, friends it is (k don't get all sappy on me know though ok?)

        Lol picking up the boxing bag this weekend, just got a 100 pound everlast for 50$ want to try it first before I commit more $$

        Deet lol Im done too I might wake up and regret something I typed LMAO!!! Damn Im sounding older....that sounded much different 10 years ago

    • Right on, BWats. Tomorrow will bring us the end of all of the guessing, and to quote an infamous poster--the TRUTH. For good or bad. Glad to know there are longs out there that don't run away at the eleventh hour. I feel less nervous now than I've felt in a long time, probably because at least now we have a definite time limit for the results. One thing I know for sure--if we longs are wrong, you know a few of us will post mea culpa's saying so and admitting defeat. If the shorts are wrong, do you think you'll hear from them ever again? That tells you something about conviction and character, doesn't it?
      Now go mix yourself up a zombie sleepwalker! I'm done drinking for the night...

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      • Can't say it enough - following the great longs on this board has been really amazing.

        Also, I'm not being cocky or over confident, but I can't imagine for the life of me why the PR today would have reminded us of all the important post-results attributes if the trial had failed ("... designated as a Priority Trial for liver cancer by the National Institutes of Health, has received Fast Track Designation from the FDA and has received Orphan Drug Designation in both the U.S. and Europe. ) Let's hope there is a very good reason for the reminder.

    • All those sentiments right back at ya, I have always enjoyed your thoughts along with Trond, flog, West, Kid, Odaat and Dcups. Good luck to us all and God bless all battling this disease. Help is on the way!

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