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  • imhedged imhedged Feb 1, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    est 50m in cash with 60m o/s or .83 in cash per shr will trade @ 1.5x cash per shr settles @ $1.25

    until further notice of any pending trials

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    • rossmarz123 Feb 1, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

      Dont forget the cash needed for the golden parachutes, defending the impending law suits and the stock price after Cantor sells at a discount to market. I think this company is going to be very distracted over the next several months if not dead in the water. Sub $1 within a week is very feasible.

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      • Lawsuits (which have yet to come and may never) get farmed to outside counsel for a few hundred grand, and they stall for years.....CLSN has 2 other trials already ongoing, one in conjuction with HIFU from Phillips for CRM, and I believe Phillips funds that trial.

        The other is the phase 2 'DIGNITY' trial for recurrent chest wall cancer(RCW), which has had some positive looking results according to the company (take that with a grain of salt), but they are ongoing. According to MF article yesterday, there are 3 other trials at various stages (not sure what)....CLSN has intellectual property and the exclusive rights to the liposomal delivery platform, which is proven to work. This particular trial for this particular cancer (HCC) with this particular drug (doxirubicin) did not work according to TOP LINE RESULTS.

        Management repeated on the conference call that the data were very "fresh", "raw", and that they had not dug deep into the data, or "mined" the data. They will now take the 27 million dollars they have (over 1 year funding) and continue to look at subsets of data and perhaps find an area where there was success, such as, for eample. 'people with over 5cm tumors under age 50' or Asian men responded better than Caucasian women, or whatever subsets you can create. Tyhat's my understanding of how it works.

        My understanding is that "top-line data" is just that, the average of it all.....that failed. But something more specific might have worked. This has happened before in other drugs.

        And of course, they will continue to look for other drugs to encapsulate (probably have some already in the pipeline) and other cancers to treat, so they will keep going forward.

        I guess the point is, the company will not go out of business on Monday as some on this message board would have you believe.

        The pendulum swings both ways, and price of stock is declining to an area that is very oversold based on the value of IP, Phillips and Hisun deals, the pipeline and the cash on hand.

        At $1.25 the company is worth roughly 44 million dollars, with 27 million in cash. Given all that, I think we may have overshot the downside, but may stay overshot for another day or two until the panic settles down. I think management will be burning the candles at both ends over the weekend, and find something positive to release to stabilize the share price, probably closer to $2 than $1 when all the dust settles.

        Just my opinion.

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