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  • daviscupper daviscupper Feb 1, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

    Will the unrelenting Hedge Fund algorithm trader grind the pps down to $1.00?

    I am watching in utter amazement the brutal efficiency of an algorithm trader grind the pps lower and lower.

    Shorts, okay you guys won. However, at some point you have to cover in order to bank your profits, right? At what point do you do that? Comments.

    SRT, you are a professional trader emeritus. Where and when do you think the slow takedown of the pps will end? Or do you think hedge funds will cover only when Celsion offers secondaries? I would be very interested in your opinion. At some point the short masters must reverse the process, but when and where in your expert opinion? Will we know it happened by a huge spike up in the pps, or will algos slowly allow the pps to climb?

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    • pharma,

      I would say they knew when they cancelled the Cowen Healthcare conference. When they cancelled I have no idea. With so many eyes watching, remember it was a client of Cowen that tweeted the news initially on twitter, I cannot imagine they cancelled very early.

      I actually think the bear raid would have happened under any circumstances. Hedge Funds know retail investors are extremely nervous before a binary event. They know they can scoop up a lot of cheap shares, take out stops, by shorting a million or so shares. Easy money for them. I have seen it done with on both good and bad companies. Companies that had successful trials and obviously with companies whose trials failed.

      By and large I think Celsion management played it straight. They seemed genuinely shell-shocked at the conference call.

    • There will be no more upside as there are no more pipeline in this company. It's over. Done. Bankrupt is the only issue. T-DOX has proven to worth NOTHING. Period.

      Bye the best pumper ever on this MB ! No balls to stay invested after 600 posts.You left several minutes before 4 PM on the 30th January 2013. Don't bother us anymore !

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