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  • allisonwvl allisonwvl Mar 2, 2013 2:18 AM Flag

    .....Overall SURVIVAL DATA shows sig.benefit to ARM - Breast Phase 3 !!!

    RCW Dignity Phase II study can be moved forward, but unless earlier line patients are selected, this will not complete enrollment for quite some time, perhaps as late as mid-2014. Even then, moving earlier line is no guarantee, since we have no evidence that ThermoDox works in early line RCW patients (for example, as the first chemo or prior to radiation).
    HIFU bone metastases Phase II study with Philips may move forward (and was expected to enroll first patient in early 2013 from prior guidance), but even if this moves forward and shows benefit, HIFU itself still has a huge adoption curve, and the commercial prospects of this indication would be not be realized for quite some time.
    LTSL platform is in jeopardy altogether given the above, particularly since we know from recent presentations that improvements are being made very rapidly in terms of other heat sensitive liposomes. For example, we know that while early stage still, some liposomes are being developed that are much more stable than ThermoDox, and release doxorubicin contents more efficiently. The ideal liposome would be 100% stable at body temperature (which ThermoDox is not), and release contents via some form of trigger, be it heat or some other source such as sound. Point is, the platform altogether might be in jeopardy given the aforementioned.
    I see bankruptcy in the very near future Celsion, and they would be wise to sell off rights to LTSL docetaxel and carboplatin for whatever they can get for it. HEAT was validation for the entire platform, and that failed miserably. Remember, it is not like they have that much time left from a patent perspective either (2021), and the above mentioned docetaxel and carboplatin LTSL products are still in preclinical stages.

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