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  • alfisa1 alfisa1 Apr 2, 2013 7:36 PM Flag

    Those who got crushed with clsn here is a 2nd chance MNKD

    MNKD Al Mann billionaire has track record of multiplying his money 10 to 100 fold impressive. Market cap does not fall under Feurstein rule. Not some bs talking CEO like the liar CEO of CLSN curative my a-- . Dbag just collects 750k per year. Do your own dd train is leaving the station on this stock. Not measly inside buy of 150k like Max Link chump change for that guy.

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    • alfisa,
      As a longtime shareholder in both stocks you mention, Celsion and Mannkind. I think it's a bit disingenuous to represent Mannkind as a huge opportunity over CLSN for one reason. It's current market cap of 1.84 Billion. After the rejection of Affrezza by the FDA almost 2 years ago, Mannkind, in order to survive and conduct additional trials was was forced to almost TRIPLE the float to a whopping 280 million. Virtually all of those shares were sold in complicated PIPE transactions to private investors, and a significant portion of those to Al Mann himself. While this is a resounding endorsement by the company's founder, of his own company, it cant be lost on longterm investors that during our last "sure thing" runnup to 12, the market cap of the company was a mere 1.2 Billion dollars. That was for a VERY brief 2 day period prior to our PDUFA date, and the belief was VERY strong that this game changing drug delivery platform would find approval. I view that Market cap as a benchmark valuation for the level of risk that market professionals wanted to take on at that time. Sadly, the dreamboat and Affrezza were rejected to the surprise of all and here we sit with a near 300% dilution in MNKD, leaving a "positive result" valuation fully priced in at even 6.00. To be very honest, I feel very fortunate that it's gone as high as it has (6.99) which allowed me to sell some of my dollar cost averaged shares at at 300% to 400% profits, but to tell other investors who are less familiar that we're going to see a further price appreciation after last weeks blow off top would be irresponsible IMO. I continue to hold over 50% of my lifetime high of 25,000 shares and am willing to take the risk, but will likely hold off in buying more until further developments warrant it. Similarly, I see CLSN where MNKD was when it sold off from 12.00 to 1.80. Presently the better RISK/REWARD lies in shares of CLSN. But once again, I own BOTH

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      • Jonas Thanks for the well written response. I am somewhat of a biotech novice but I think the difference is that Alfrezza last crl was based on a design change in the device and CLSN drug failed miserably on phase 3. The company directors have been very dishonest. I cannot see anything in the pipeline that wants me back in to CLSN. I held through data all my 15000 shares bought around 3.20 cost average and sold day of results failure feel lucky to have gotten out at $1.50. Also I feel good that MNKD does not fall under Fuerstein rule and that 3rd time with FDA is usually 80% approval. I also posted my buy in April not yesterday that was a bump. I will sell half my shares at $10 as I think that we will see that that number soon the rest I will ride as I think a partnership/buyout will happen within a year. One last thing I like Al Manns track record GTLTA.Of coarse do your own due dilligince. Jonas tell my why you think CLSN is a buy right now I see no posts positive from anyone on this board that were in this stock before the epic collapse. Looks to me like all new suckers.

    • said this at around 3 bucks bump

    • MNKD new 52 week high today 5 6 7 8 coming 3rd time charm FDA approval 80% of the time gonna make up for clsn pos Al Mann puts his money were his mouth is unlike Mike ah clsn ceo

    • MNKD is as big a joke as CLSN, pump monkey!

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