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  • dilution_solution_provider dilution_solution_provider Apr 18, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    CLSN Management is seemingly clueless - stock keeps falling

    Management apparently doesn't care anymore.

    What has management done over the past three months to help stem the constant bleeding?

    Answer: nothing.

    From over $8.00 to under $1.00 in three months? There's no way management can claim they know what they are doing. They. Are. Clueless.

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    • Managament is OK. Now we go from $1 to $9 for sure in a few months

    • beyond this #$%$ is a key question (to me). If the +45 minute issue means new life for TDox (and that's a HUGE if), doesn't that mean a re-designed trial? Which means more time and more money? They can't just say 'oh wait, THIS is what we MEANT to do...' I am a bagholder. Bought three years ago and held ALL through data. I would love to see something happen. But I am not foolish; this data mining is not a rubber stamp. I think the best hope is that Cantor Fitzgerald can broker some kind of deal with a bigger fish.

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      • The Company has ample flexibility to set a new strategic direction. Celsion closed 2012 with $23 million of
        cash on hand, and subsequently received $5 million from Hisun and raised $19 million from common and
        convertible preferred stock issuances. As a result, we figure the balance sheet had about $46 million of cash at
        the end of the March quarter, and steps have been taken to cut the cash burn rate. Meanwhile, a ThermoDox
        development plan is forming and strategic options, including an acquisition(s) are under review

      • Hang in there bird there is a lot of hope. Did you read the report from Griffin securities?

        We believe Celsion is in a position to consider an acquisition that would diversify the R&D pipeline and
        thereby reduce the risk associated with any one drug under development. Given the Company’s current
        market capitalization and the cash on hand, management should have an attractive group of acquisition
        candidates from which to select.

    • Management is not clueless, they know exactly what they are doing… living the highlife. They buy a few cheep shares to make us think they have faith in the science. It’s just BS. They’ve cut staff to “better situate the company for continued operations”… read continued management payroll. They’re reviewing data to scrounge up some phony numbers that will pump more positive speculation and another reverse split that new investors will not notice six months from now. Next comes some new BS stock offering.

      This thing is not dead; it’s a zombie out to suck you dry until you look like week old road kill cooking on hot asphalt that not even the buzzards will eat. I’m sorry if you held this pump. If you are buying it, I have no sympathy for you.

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      • youradouche Apr 26, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

        listen tool, these guys bought much higher than here, and im guessing your thin line of intellect cant even check what insider buys have happended this past year or so. IF it works it works and the DMC and other big brains will make sure of the claims before putting things on a poster for presentation, or publish in a respected journal. Sounds like many on the board currently are either sour grapes for selling out or are new shorts who see the easy money ready to be abalated in just over 45minutes. either way i hope things continue to bulild on the last press release. You are fresh fish so the limited number of shares bought since the melt down has no bearing on my options and have you spewing hogwash.

    • I couldn't agree more. Listen the pump is over, the trial didn't meet the endpoints. I understand people want to see only the positives and ignore the negatives because they pumped so much money and lost it all. But that's no excuse to pump this turd anymore!

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