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  • lostwombat lostwombat Jun 19, 2000 7:42 PM Flag

    New Board...same BS

    Don't you all have anything better to do than
    slam each other. Who cares who bought and sold how
    much stock and when. I, like most of you, have either
    bought or sold some stock at one time or another. How
    much and when is none of your business. Just another
    of the reasons why I seldom ever post

    Those of you who have been in Celsion for awhile know
    what they bought and have fingers crossed of what we
    collectively believe this stock will do.

    For those of
    you who are considering this stock, don't pay any
    attention to the static...don't listen to the trash your research and come to your own conclusions.
    Links to pertinent sites to get you started are listed
    on RagingBull and elsewhere.

    There are quite
    a few resources for investigating the various
    fields Celsion is involved in and what their competition
    is doing. For instance this link should give you
    more info on Breast Cancer than you would ever want to

    As Rodney King once said, "Can't we all just get


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