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  • sfbizman2002 sfbizman2002 Sep 21, 2010 1:22 PM Flag

    items that spooked the Roth analyst

    this is the unofficial story out of Roth:

    Analyst had to be somewhat respectful as CHBT is a banking client and Roth management is scared to death of losing the class action lawsuits that are or are about to be filed, so he supposedly left off the specifics of what really happened.
    First when he went to inspect the documents that were made availible (to only those that attended in direct violation of Reg FD) there were bank statements, one from a Hong Kong based bank and another from a Mainland based bank. The one from the mainland bank was literally handwritten!!
    Secondly, when he asked for the closest retail store he could visit, he was given an address that did not exist, among a list of locations.
    Third, some of the locations listed were actually supermarkets where they simply had some shelf space, this shelf space was surpirsingly small in 3 locations and the product on the shelf had a Dec. "09 date. When quized the manager of the store explained that the stuff doesnt sell.
    He couldnt come out and specifiy why he downgraded because he would be opening the firm to bunch of legal problems as they underwrote this FRAUD and have plenty of legal trouble as it is.

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    • 1. The bank statement was written on toilet paper. And the toilet paper was somewhat used. Some of the numbers were smeared.

      2. The Shining brand products were mixed up with Shinola on the grocery store shelves. As we know, people too easily confuse other things with Shinola.

      3. The company executives were dressed in bacterium costumes, to express their gratitude for fermentation. They were swigging yogurt throughout Investor Day. Between the membranous processes and the yogurt dribbling everything was in ferment.

      4. Attendees for Investor Day were served fruitcake made with CITRON. As everyone knows, this is the mealiest, the thickest, the most indigestible, the cheapest, and the chewiest of the crummy. Well, that's CITRON for you.

    • Ignore this posting. I was at the meeting and the bank statements were not hand written. Give me a break! The other stuff about stores is also lies.

    • What evidence do you have for your thinkingg on Roth?? Did you go to the meeting? How did you find out they were handwritten!!!!