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  • togoubumama togoubumama Feb 1, 2011 2:42 PM Flag

    Share price if the company should clear all doubts?

    Just wondering what would be the up-side if the market were convinced that the company is ok. This is a very real risk for the sorts, the management in chbt is not happy with the short sellers campaign, and will take great pleasure in their losses.

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    • Show me the list of 3,000. Thanks.

    • As of my last count there have been 14 companies that have lost over 50% of their market value based on accounting charges. Every one of those companies had inconsistent SAIC's. I am still awaiting the first company to make the corrections to the meaningless SAIC filing so they match the SEC filings.

      If the SAIC's are so trivial why doesn't anyone correct them? The CFO's, the audit committees, the investment bankers and the Auditors have all heard of the SAICs and it would take a very dim management not to appreciate the benefit of having consistent accounting when they are getting attacked by short sellers. Wouldn't it make your job easier if the numbers matched?

      If SAICs are always wrong, why do ~3000 publicly traded companies in HK and Shanghai have SAICs that match the numbers in their annual reports? All 3000 of them.


    • LOL at the moron - you post a link to a Seeking Alpha article that quotes Benjamin Wey? You are either an idiot that knows nothing or you are a shill that knows that Wey is a Chiscam RTOpumper

    • Hahaha. Very good strategy. Be Formless, like in Sun Tzu. Appear for the customers, then disappear into the wind to strike again in a different place. Especially when investigators show up with cameras.

    • Waldo,

      More good info about SAIC documents and that they are unreliable. If I recall this is the attack you, Al Little, Andrew Left, Business econ, and the rest of the fraud claimers were basing your evidence on. This is about the 10th piece I have seen that states the SAIC are not useful.

    • Things are different in China - store locations are kept secret so the competitors can't find them

    • By the way, you didn't tell the store clerks in advance to say there were 6 stores did you? Both clerks confirming the number 6 is a giveaway that they are working for us. The short sellers have been telling the world that there are only six stores and now the clerks are agreeing. More traitors. They were instructed to tell anyone that there were no stores. None at all. They were not actually standing in a store. If you can get them straightened out, we might put you back on the payroll.

      I just got back from Starbucks and the counter girl was so stupid she told me how many stores there are in Austin. She wanted to tell me about Texas and the entire US but I stopped her. I then asked her how many stores CHBT had and she said "6, just like the newspaper said."


    • LOL so are you a paid shill then? You have lied numerous times here while pumping these stocks.

    • 1) the questions you asked were answered.
      2) My question was sincere - sorry if it didn't feel that way. My understanding is that there are in fact paid bashers on these sites. Your consistent stance and tendency to bash the messenger in many cases lines up with what the bashers handbook says is the way to bash -- Maybe you could get paid by the bashers for the work you are already doing...
      3) I'm willing to continue to refrain from insults, heck, I'll even refrain from sarcasm - deal though, is it's a two way street.

      Are you game to stop sarcasm & personal insults?

    • It was a stupid, insulting question. I am sorry I answered it. You did not respond in kind. You are just a lying little pinhead. Civil discourse with your kind is impossible. Now you are dismissed. I don't have time to deal with all of you morons.

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