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  • tropicalind tropicalind Nov 9, 2006 9:53 PM Flag

    Who else is excited?

    I bought because ValueLine had this listed as a huge potential gainer a few years ago. They quoted 'Terrasoles' and whatnot. I invested for the wrong reason. The real thing here is the DearFoams name and the new management. I was tempted to sell at every turn, especially when they got OUT of the trouble they weren't in when I first bought. I gotta say, I got lucky as hell. Lucky that Thomas Von Lehman came aboard, or the Board of directors saw the light, or whatever else happened.

    I was disappointed that it has remained dropped from the ValueLine Investment Survey ever since they were delisted. I struggle to renew my subscription to it every year because of that.

    At the end of the day, I was forced, because of lack of any other information, to pay attention to the conference calls, even when this was a pink sheet company. And I am pleased that DFZ continues to deliver. And everything the management said has come to pass SO FAR.

    This company is a keeper in the finest mold that Peter Lynch could ever type up. No analysts. Not one. Abandoned even by Valueline. Terrific managment. The last quarter's numbers were outstanding and leading into the best quarter, now Q2, I think this is definitely a hidden gem. I have added positions since my initial one at 2: I bought at 4 something, I bought at 6 something, and lucked out with a good one at 5.75 'on a bad day' for the stock.

    Now, the growth initiatives sound plausible. Redesigned Terrasoles from a viable company may have the effect that ValueLine projected prematurely. And, they now have CASH. This company is poised to do good things. May they keep up the execution and grow where they can.

    I would buy more, but I have no more money now.

    Full Disclosure: I'm long and way in the money already, and am keeping my money in to take advantage of a mispriced security.