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  • huggmee2005 huggmee2005 Oct 17, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Hey Life! You must be making tons of money by now!

    I hope all fellow bloggers are making good profits at this point. Technical indicators look bullish: candlestick, MACD, Classical (Edwards and Magee), Darvas. Looking forward to a 3-4 week uptrend.

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    • lifeisjustagameweplay lifeisjustagameweplay Oct 17, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

      Thanks, It's been an amazing year! It's making life pretty well worry free. If my plan holds for SVA, they will start paying dividends in a few years so I see no reason to part with any stock unless they have some sort of obviously overbought pandemic run. I wasn't in SVA in 2009, but I'm sure I would have sold if I was as it wasn't near the stock it is now. I hope Surf and the rest made tons in 2009! IMO, Luck

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      • I think we are at the beginning of a long string of good news out of SVA which will take it over 20 easily. However, I think that once the feeding frenzy starts, it could reach 40. It is not beyond imagination. If when it reaches 20 and we are still anticipating more news, I will be pretty confident of 40. BTW, if you want dividend stocks that pay high rates and are pretty secure, look at ARCC, ETB, and PSEC. I put my wife and family into those and are getting an average of 10 percent or more a year. My wife and I are retired now and are loaded up with these dividend stocks which we just re-invest because we don't need the money. ARCC pays quarterly, and the other two pay monthly. So, compounded 4 times a year or 12 times a year, the yield is much higher than the rates stated in financial reports which are based on the annual rate. I am amazed that hardly anyone knows about BDC's (Business Development Companies) or Buy-Write funds like ETB that buy Blue Chip stocks and sell options against the box.

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    • So glad I accumulated in the low 6's. I may be a little late to the party but SVA is looking extremely bullish!

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      • You will make money as long as you do not panic and lose patience. As long as the fundamentals remain the same, your expectations do not need to change. However, like Life says, we could get some kind of pandemic feeding frenzy during which you can sell after a two or three day run-up. Key to selling near the top is in the volume. As soon as volume starts to taper, dump!

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    • No one makes money (realize profit) unless s/he sells, which I doubt any LONGs are doing, as they are waiting for the bonanza ($13-$15) range!!!

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      • Goselsap. I have held this stock since 2004, with a brief interruption in 2009. For many years, they grew revenue between 50 and 100% per year. It was interrupted by the vaccine scare and the recession. I have a feeling that they are back to that early path of rapid revenue growth, but this time they have many more production facilities to support it. I would see no reason to sell at $13-15 if the story is still good and they are growing revenue at a 50% rate each year. I will only take money off the table if there is another epidemic spike, if the story changes or if I acutely need the funds for something else. I think that it is fairly priced right now, based on their recent wonderful quarterly report and the usual increase in sales in the fall and winter. Cheers, Surf

      • Too technical! So, as soon as you put 100,000 into the market, you are broke?

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