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  • buy_n_hold_2001 buy_n_hold_2001 Feb 27, 2013 8:27 AM Flag

    $10 a share seems like a distant memory

    Geez secondary slammed us...going to be a while to recover...

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    • B&H you are a long time holder and poster here, are you trading around a core or are you a buy and hold based on the pipeline

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Remember when IDIX did that huge cash raise last summer? Remember it was a well timed market fleecing so the company could get capital at higher prices before they then sprung the reason they needed the money: thier HepC drug flopped.

      Who wanna bet the same thing happens here? Just a matter of time before the other shoe drops.

      On another note, I find it hysterical pumpty dumpties around here are still calling for a buyout after Achn just dumped 15million shares on the market. As if GILD would buy ACHN to "corner the market". LOL, umm, GILD has already cornered the HepC market. Them worrying about Achn would be like McDonald's worrying about Mel's Diner.

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      • Disagree. Gilead had nothing until it bought Pharmassett as to Hep C pipeline. Gilead since that time has already purchased several other biotech companies. Even Gilead's current pipeline is not 100% perfect as to curing all patients. There is room for other alternatives. Pharmasset was $11B. Achillion is less than $1B in market cap and could easily be taken out by any suitor for $1.5B which would be a 100% premium to current stock price.

        Achillion has several drugs in the pipeline. They could end up working not as well as Gilead's, the same or perhaps better than Gilead's. And regardless such drugs could be value add to any Gilead regamen. Look at the news on the hiv baby maybe being cured by being given strong multiple drugs early on in disease state. As to Hep C, don't think that the same approach of giving many strong Hep C drugs early on will not be the final cure result. I say it will. Doctors will end up throwing the strongest drugs with the least side effects to the Hep C patients.

        As to Idenix, its current stock price is insanely high. Any Hep C product it has is years from being brought to market and so far its developments have been failures. While Idenix is in patent dispute with Gilead there is no evidence that Idenix has the favorable position and current status on that is settlement is at least a year out. In contrast, Achillion has many positives. It is not McDonalds versus Mel's diner. BMS has been around for years. Gilead was a tiny little company until it did well in hiv. As to Hep C, don't think Achillion does not have a lot of potential just because it is smaller. Ultimately, the tech and science is what will pan out.

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      • weep..weep for IDIX

        and weep...weep for my AFFY. Good I got out of that one before the even bigger plunge.

      • You use to love got nothing

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