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  • tovc07 tovc07 Mar 7, 2007 8:01 AM Flag

    Hey Dino..

    opinion question(s) only..
    three parts:
    Do you believe JG that first offer they get approaching fair value that the company is "gone"??
    How long do you feel that may take- (how long is the quiet time extended)?
    Finally They have a pretty good idea what the tech is worth?? for someone who has a healthy chunk in play..What to YOU think THEY think it is worth??
    Feel free to not answer any of the above if uncomfortable just testing your pain and patience thresholds!!

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    • I am not uncomfortable answering sincere posts when my time allows.

      1. To me it is ridiculous to believe JG would not accept a fair value offer.Three year old kids become attached to shiny metal objects not a CEO.

      2. I am not involved with the day to day operation of Torvec so I can not intelligently give a time frame. Nor will I speculate on << what do YOU think THEY think >>

      What I think is that the near future contract(commercializing event) to be written with NASA is a huge milestone for the company and its shareholders.


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