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  • DaBreeze21 DaBreeze21 Apr 26, 2007 10:20 AM Flag

    Managment doesn't care about investors

    He does look and sound like death.

    I hear that he speaks Chinese and knows how to do business with them...however it seems like former US Auto people are running things over there now.

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    • I believe his girl friend is Asian. I don't know if she is Chinese. Any other experiece he has with Asia I've never heard about.

    • I think Jim's wife is Chinese so that could be accurate on his familiarity with the language and customs- I don't know this for certain. I appreciate every take thus far in this thread and I have shared the sentiment of frustration on more than one occasion. We can only speculate as to exactly where this stands at this minute in terms of development. There is a fine line often between supreme confidence and arrogance, I will also grant you that-but I also can appreciate that I personally have never been part of negotiations on technology that could be in the hundred of millions of dollars. Would I like a better feel for where we stand and the likelihood that this 8 year hold will eventually start to pay off and dare I dream gather some light speed?? you bet!!-but I also wouldn't want them to blow a deal just to ease my curiosity. This has to be coming to a head in the weeks and months ahead or Yes I believe you are right- The investors will leave in droves and there will be no Merry Christmas, spike the egg nog type of celebrations..If it is torment- then sell you will feel better-in the short term to put this behind the longer term who knows at this point- nobody but the guys inside working- they are the only ones who know who has been visiting and what the talks hold..Total speculation it was the nature of this play since day 1

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