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  • pinetardyna pinetardyna Jul 2, 2007 11:21 PM Flag


    Sorry to disappoint you newspeedawipe. Cocky little guy arn't you? Cocky and stupid, not a good quality my friend. And Gee newbie, it's after 8 pm! Would love to speak but you hide behind a Gleasman Mask, most likly a friend of that nice kid in the past, Andy. But of course he has changed his persona to Uncle JG's personality instead of his fathers who is still a class guy. You were rightfully banned because you were and still are an asswipe! Same as Tor, Dread, Artguy(who JG personally asked me to attack). YES JIM YOU DID!!! and some others. I love the new plant on the board Mr,Nebulae. Why does this company feel a need to manipulate the IHub board by frauds? Very old and desparate. As the price goes lower, you frauds (plants) keep getting more positive in your spin. Glad that the Company master strategist (JG)feels manipulating message boards is a good way to spin this stock.If newbee you have any balls at all, you can call Leit and I will approve of him giving you my #. Of course you won't because you are ballless. Hi Lynx!, Did you and Tor ever shack up yet? Hope you sold another poster Artguy. Artguy, I will personally show you where real artists show and perform their art. Unfortuanately yours is not considered Art.what a bunch of losers on your JG manipulated Board.
    May god help us with it's great tech and move this company forward even with the spin of mgmt and asswipes on ihub.

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    • Actually my way of thinking is the only way to make money. JG can't do the job. KG and VG are and were brillant men who created great technologies. Unfortunatley one guy is fing it all up. Do you understand where I'm coming from now you Fing idiot? Or are you too stupid to get it? Oh I forgot you're a genius.

      What about the chinese deal? You don't like talking about that do you? JG says we are in the final stages of a deal and then we never hear about it again. You think Steve Jobs works that way? Bill Gates? Warren Buffet? Tom Golisono?

      Wall street is laughing at this idiot. He's a shorts best dream. Paradigm shifting technology and this guy can't sell it.

      Go back to smoking dope and listening to Jerry Garcia.

    • I wasn't joking. I bet your lips are wrapped around him right now.

    • I believe I used the knee pads joke a long time ago on I hub, freshen up your game pal

    • I would like the stock to go up yes. Sorry we don't have the same path forward in making money. Your idiotic banter serves a singles purpose and that is clearly to create doubt in Torvec. Such a mode of operation is not consistent with the agenda of someone looking to make money with a company's success. You're transparent.

    • What I'm up to, is trying to make some money you idiot. Take off your knee pads and get out from under Jim's Desk.

      Call the SEC. You're the one trying to manipulate the stock and the guy who seems to know too much about the day to day operations. How about telling me about the China deal. Dread said it was dead. Since you're blowing JG you must know too, Right.

    • newspeedwayboogie1980 newspeedwayboogie1980 Jul 13, 2007 10:14 AM Flag

      All members of potential aquiring companies identify yourselves.

      Everyone knows what you are up to, take your head out of Reeds lap and remove your finger from his ass.

    • JG is nothing more than a arrogant idiot. Possibly even a liar. What happened to the final stages of a deal? Was there really an offer for $5 that he turned down? The market obviously doesn't think so! You are the most pompous ass I've ever seen. I'll continue to hold my shares because I have faith in KG and the technology. The problem is that we are going to wait longer than necessary while JG pisses everyone off in the industry. Remember how Dumb Dodge is? Remember how at a shareholder meeting JG proclaimed that a letter of intent was in the mail? Remember how he said that the "Asian's" work much faster than the Americans when it comes to closing deals? This guy couldn't sell water to someone walking thru the desert. Why don't you call Dread,Dino, or one of your other Ihub pals and have them pull your head out of JG's ass. It is apparently clouding your genius mind.

    • newspeedwayboogie1980 newspeedwayboogie1980 Jul 12, 2007 11:05 AM Flag

      I think you would be most benefitted by Kegel's if anything. Jim and Kieth are two very intelligent, but very different people. Keith is an incredible engineer and Jim has done wonders taking this company public, raising millions and millions to get the tech produced and perfected and to keep the company out of the hands of venture capitalists and the like. The company thrives on that dicotomy. The automotive industry is about as slow as they come, bogged down by corporate beaurocracy and incredibly stringent product developement guidelines. Your just going to have to wait, if you can't quit your bitching and sell your stock dipshit.

    • At some point KG will step up and S can his brother for the good of all man kind. IMO, since KG appears to be such a class act JG must be adopted.

      Yogi is for pussies, I do Pilates.

    • That's not happening so sell your stock and take a yoga class

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