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  • DaBreeze21 DaBreeze21 Apr 21, 2008 11:46 AM Flag

    How did it go?

    The deposition that is???

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    • What's the volume today?

    • those sunglasses getbusy must have a concealed camera in them. I was told by him that he has pics of me at Thirsty's with the CXO boyz. I certainly asked him to produce them. Do you think he can actually produce pics? I will bet 20 million dollars on my late wifes grave that he cannot. i just ask that tovc stick to doing a commercializing event instead of this conspiracy nonsense.

    • IMO, It was nothing more than harrasment. I don't know anything about CXO and told them so. It was a waste of my time and their time. They were looking for a connection between myself and CXO and it just doesn't exist. I guess in some aspect Jim won. I'm done posting. I don't feel like defending myself in a frivolous lawsuit. Hopefully some day we make some money.

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      • I had a much different enjoyable experience than what robbers experience was at the deposition. I found it very relaxing to tell the truth. I also had the opportunity to talk to jim for 30 minutes prior to the deposition on State Street. I always arrive early for meetings. When Jim and I were talking on State St. prior to the deposition, Mr. Flaums son happened to be walking by. Jg said who I was to him about the negative posts I may have made most likely trying to intimidate me. As you all know, I cannot be intimidated. But I must say that Mr. Flaums son was very courtious and professional.

        Only a few questions in the depositions surprised me. Do I know a guy whos last name is "Green"? Never heard of him. Do I play softball with Andy?from CXO? Shocking question to me. Tor, are you, Lynx, and Trucker listening to that ridiculaous question? Obviously the Thursday's at Thirsties is a downright lie which was proven today! Jim said he has pics of me there. I asked him to produce his obvious lies.Of course he said bla, bla, bla to that. him and Gary make stuff up. It's that simple folks.
        jim and I talked at least 45 minutes after the deposition on State Street. Many things were discussed. Many of my complaints were asked.I will not say they were answered to my satisfaction.

        does anyone remember when Otto made the stmt at the shareholder meeting that it would be "weeks not months" statement? I was specifically asked that question at todays deposition. I know what I answered and what my ears heard. what was he talking about? I do not want to lead anyone. Please post what you thought he meant by that statement.

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