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  • imahubber imahubber Nov 7, 2008 8:43 PM Flag

    BTW Allnumb...

    A question i asked years ago and avoided by you in your twisted locig. Was (is) tovc tech in the UPS Trucks? A simple yes or no will suffice. The company line of "who says it isn't" will not be an appropriate answer. With the recent news about UPS working with the EPA, I can only assume that mgmt BS'd us and you tried to perpetuate that BS answer. Fess up Allnumb.

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    • "This is one of those situations that are covered by one of those confidentiality agreements that have been successfully not disclosed."

      Is this your opinion or a fact? The answer given "who says it's not" is simply not good enough. I have asked about UPS for quite a long time (2 years)?? Wouldn't we hear something by now?
      It just appears that mgmts lack of "Quality" CEO updates is always defended by many posters on your board(not only you) because of these supposed conf. agreemnts. I hope that is true, but year after year after year just makes me wonder if there are as many as we would like to think. These CA's have worked well for mgmt. Always keeps us positive. We probably had a CA with Chery too. That got us far. All foreplay and no ending.

      PS. I don't think tovc tech is in the UPS Trucks, But like you, I do not know for certain.

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