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  • imahubber imahubber Dec 4, 2008 10:05 AM Flag

    CEO Update......

    Sounds great to me.

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    • You need to get laid or something.

    • Really. How can you sell at .60 or .65 when the ask is higher? Then who is the seller? That is a very simple concept.

    • maybe the tovc boys need to raise pps before year end so they can report a stronger persoanl balance sheet to their bank for obvious reasons???

    • The ask has never been 0.60 during this recent price decline. It has remained at around $1...the spread has remained at around 0.40 when someone sold at 0.60 or 0.65...this is a very simple concept.

    • what flavor did you drink when you met with mgmt?Dave, Dread and now you and LT Hold are spewing serious stuff now.

    • "No $hit you can't buy at that isn't the ask"

      If the ask is .60 that means someone is offering to sell shares for .60. When you bid .65 that means you are willing to pay .65.

      If someone sets their ask at .60 and you bid .65 and the transaction doesn't close something is wrong. There is some type of manipulation. It is a very simple concept. Like I said I have personally seen this happen.

    • What is your point re: try to buy the stock at 0.60? No $hit you can't buy at that isn't the ask. There has been a spread like this is the nature of an OTC more manipulation is going on with TOVC than any other OTC stock. It isn't like the bid has always been $ got that low because of a lack of demand and the selling that is necessary for TOVC to pay their bills. The stock could easily drop below its recent low in the two months leading up to the annual meeting. This was an attempt to keep it afloat.

      Again, I think Jim will annouce a modest deal and state that this is just the tip of the iceberg for our relationship with X company (which may or may turn out to be true). That is how he will get away with his strong words in the last CEO update...of course, still just speculation.

    • I disagree. Why would the stock go to zero? Try and buy some stock at 60 cents when it shows the ask there. You can't. You know how I know that? Because my business partner put in an order at 65 cents and it didn't go even though the ask was 60 cents. He loves to bash Jim and the cheerleaders on the Ihub board but even he will tell you that it is being manipulated. How and by who I don't know.

      Let's hope that I'm right and you're wrong. Our goal is to make money no? In this market if the stock goes to even $5 it will make my Portfolio look a little healthier.

      Lastly, If this CEO message came out in June I could understand your "throwing out some innuendo" comment. But it's less than two months before the meeting. You really think Jim would lead with his chin so close to the meeting?

      No one on either board has been more critical of JG than me. But I think we've got something here that is going to start this thing moving in the right direction. If I was you I would add a few more shares. The potential upside is bigger here than anywhere else in the market. Of course the risk is also very high. Sometimes you have to have some balls and go for it.

    • Why do you think this CEO update is any different than ones in the past? Why would he even bother to make this announcement when the annual meeting is only two months away, and they could have waited to make an actual announcement at that time, instead of throwing out some innuendo about a possible deal to be announced? Why you ask? Because they were worried about the stock dropping to zero before the meeting...that is the only reason to throw this carrot out there..keep them in business a bit longer. How many companies do you know that would preannounce a "possible" deal to take place? No one with credibility. So, I think you are wrong. The deal will be modest in size...just enough to keep everyone hoping for more.

    • "either a modest order for Iso-Torques or CVJs OR confirmation that the CVJ is in the Lockheed JLTV"

      If you read the CEO message it talks about the annoucement having an effect on the stock price. A "modest order" will not do that and neither will a confirmation that the CVJ is in the JLTV. So I think that your wrong on both accounts.

      Does anyone even know if there is a JLVT that was actually built or was the award based on designs? I'm guessing that it was based on designs and the awards of the three contracts were for the winners to bring a working JLVT to the table.

      Here's my guess, There is going to be a joint venture announcement between Torvec and Nissan. Nissan is going to jump on the Iso-Torques to keep them out of the Caddy. We'll have to wait and see.

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