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  • DaBreeze21 DaBreeze21 Jan 18, 2009 9:11 PM Flag

    Allnumbers in rare form on iHub

    That guy is nuts...his knowledge base, or should I say Google's knowledge base, is completely useless. He doesn't have a clue does he?

    Less than two weeks before the big announcement. Anyone getting excited/nervous? I'm looking forward to it and probably will be the only one not disappointed, due to of course low expectations from the get go. Even if the announcement is complete crap, some brain dead moemoe's like Dino will still find a way to spin it positively.

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    • The last two Meetings were all pie in the sky we are almost there..hang tight...The supporters all echo that. I'm under 50- relatively healthy- wonder how I'd feel if I were over 75 and held since Day 1..Maybe a touch antsy..

    • One week left before the BIG announcement!!! Anyone getting nervous yet? Jim has been up every night this week trying to make excuses as to why the announcement is not ready to be made public just yet.

      Think about it...why would a CEO pre-announce an announcement??? I see no other explanation other than you want to keep the stock price above a buck and you are worried about it going to zero.

    • I'm more nervous than excited at this point. Torvecian showing up saying all his crap about being there until the end yada yada yada is preparing us for a big nothing happening soon. Dino too. I hope i'm wrong!
      Allnumb has way to much time on his hands. Crazyman.

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