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  • investing_rules investing_rules Sep 9, 2009 10:25 PM Flag

    Market Insanity

    I want to buy also but just can't bring myself to do it at this price. For some reason I think once all the excitement settles down it will slowly pull back towards 30. I would love to buy some around that level. If I don't get the chance oh well there are plenty of other stocks out there.

    good luck to all

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    • Curious why you think it would "slowly pull back" to 30. That puts it where it was during the March ultimate low period and ignores the spectacular numbers they are generating now. It's already absurdly cheap by any ratio - PE, Price-to sales, Price-to-earnings growth, - price to free cash flow - you name it. Wishing for a high quality stock that's already absurdly cheap to get even cheaper is not how you make money in the stock market. But to each their own. Good luck wishing your way to profits in the market.

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      • History I guess (repeats itself).

        Look at the gap down in November and subsequent pullback after the run up.

        When the market pulled back heavy at the lows in March AMED subsequently rose slightly only to pull back again.

        Don't get me wrong I know that I am looking at a very good company at a much cheaper price than a week ago. I hate the fact that I did not pull the trigger when it gapped down. I was watching it go below 30 but did not want to make a hasty decision on an investment without researching. Now that I have researched it I see it creeping away from me. I am hoping to get in at 1/2 the run up from the low it hit. That would be around 33.50.

        Summary: Very good company with only uncertainty being Medicare rate changes (although it appears just slight decreases).

    • Maybe $35, but I don't think we'll see $30 again. Not for a long, long time...

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