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  • neil2Him neil2Him Sep 11, 2002 1:24 PM Flag

    How to make money as HCBK stock crashes

    1. Borrow shares from people like BlueShirts who will make them available at any price, unbelievable...
    2. Load up on Put Options. I recommend a strike price of 10 which can be purchased for next to nothing. The RoI will be tremendous as you see HCBK fall to 7 or 8. In fact, the RoI will be very high already when HCBK approaches 12 and 11.
    3. Write call options. This is an interesting play because the writer can command a good premium on calls with a strike price of 15 right now, but they will expire worthless within a couple months as the stock falls to 7 or 8. Easy money.

    Just some helpful tips for my friends here at the HCBK board. Sell now and thank me later!

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    • Mid October is when we should receive them.

    • do you know when provident bank is sending out their prospectus?

    • "...come on Jack - all the babes treat you like the stud you are!
      It's not fair that one guy should have it all - the babes, the brains, the bod and the bucks..."

      What brilliant insight.

      You've described me to a "T". :-))))

      Or maybe a "b".

    • come on Jack - all the babes treat you like the stud you are!
      It's not fair that one guy should have it all - the babes, the brains, the bod and the bucks.

      HCBK can still make money with their long term fixed rate (less than 5%) loans from the FHLB.
      Hopefully they're still borrowing more at these low rates and buying more adjustable rate mortgages.
      Been watch HCBK's 3 and 6 month CD rates in the NYTimes. Dropping like the rest of the thrifts.
      Earnings (not including the charge for the new NJ tax for Q1 and Q2) should be in line.

      Fortune article on/by Warren Buffett

    • encore...I guess HCBK keeps the branches nice where the big money is (Bergen county).

      You are correct about the tellers. They are like that at Investors branch near me.

      Have a good weekend.

    • "....All of the branches I have been to have been clean, updated and friendly...."

      Not so in Ocean County. Dreary and unfriendly.

      On the other hand, when I do my banking business at Commerce, Investors or Provident the ladies at these branches treat me as if I just liberated them from the Taliban.

    • Why do you such a hard-on for HCBK? Did they turn you down for a job as a teller or something? Jeez...

    • Sorry but in fact the proceeds do go into the account of the one selling the stock short. If you try it sometime, you will discover this. The funds become available for use as the stock price drops. I will not call you any names based on your ignorance or lack of experience. I do recommend that you venture into this area of trading using HCBK as your first candidate. It is falling fast.

      And the broker will sell the shares of another client without his/her consent or knowledge, sorry to inform you of this fact also.

      In any case, at least we can agree that HCBK stock is down today. Or?

      Happy trading!

    • Neil,
      Now I really believe that you are an idiot. I gave you the benefit of the doubt before when I heard you were a lawyer. I figured you had a brain but obviously you dont.

      I think you are trying to explain selling short a security in your account??
      First of all, a broker never sells anything without your permission unless you give him 100% total control of your account, in this case you would be an idiot.
      Second, if you sell short in your account, shares that you dont have, then no one deposits money in your account. You have a SHORT sold at a certain price, but it is not reflected in money but shares. You will see the money when you cover your short and hopefully buy at a LOWER price which in turn will make you money.
      Many investors dont feel this is unfair but not a wise investment choice. The problem you fail to tell everyone is that when you sell short your shares..if the security decides to go up...You will eventually have to cover your short at a potentially HUGE LOSS.

      SELL SHORT 100 shares at $20.00 on Jan 2.
      Stock price moves up to $25.00 on Mar 3.
      You cover your short by Buying 100 shs @ $25.00
      YOU JUST LOST $500.00 BUCKS.

      There is a little lesson on short selling. Hoped you learned something today.

    • Neil2Him,
      you never disclosed your position in HCBK, or for that, WM. I will get everyone started - I never owned HCBK, though people in my family have made money BUYING the stock. I closed out my position in WM two days ago.

      People like yourself were shorting WM last year at 29, and HCBK at 20 (pre-split). If you want to influence message boards, try it for a smaller company.

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