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  • thriftmannj thriftmannj Jan 21, 2005 3:15 PM Flag

    Another Deal Opens Under $10.00....

    Home Fed, $9.60 as I type.

    I could have bought 10,000 shares but only took 1,000. So I'm only down $400, instead of $4,000. Thank god!

    I'll buy more closer to $9.00.

    Anyone else buy this or did you all pass on this one too?

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    • Sorry but you got to pay the pipper (bank) and all that is owed must be paid also the new loans at higher rates might not be as many but all things being equal the earnings will remain the same or go slightly higherwith increasing rev.

    • Sorry, late to the party. When is Kearny converting?

    • Now I'm confused, I don't think the discussion was whether HCBK will pop or drop like cffn, the comparison was to Kearny and their MHC first step ipo???

      The HCBK debate is four months away and will totally revolve around the thrift market in May 05 and the final exchange ratio/stock price.

    • A bunch of recent deals -- all smaller and all MHC"s -- all opened DOWN.

      In the past, small and MHC was a formula for holding up. I know, I have CSBK and FLTB.

      CFFN is bigger than KRNY so it's a good analoguy.

      I think KRNY opens up (maybe) but it's iffy. Fed meets this Friday to hike rates again and maybe again right after it trades -- check back last April and May and see what new deals did when the Fed hiked!!

    • You guys are really reaching back to find ipo's that dipped under their ipo price. And to compare CFFN as a BIG thrift is a real strech when CFFN has a market cap of 1/3 that of HCBK. The real story is that you and provman are the ones that are in a cycle of just repeating yourselfs. I agree that you can find deals that opened under $10 but you need to compare apples to apples.

    • The smell is in the air and the elevator has
      stopped for weeks now. May open up but watch
      the flippers all try and get out for their
      short term gain.....wait 2 weeks or 3 weeks and then look at the stock..this also includes
      Hudson City.Probably buy Hudson City at $7 and
      the other at $7.50........ financials are headed down as rates go up, We saw this a few
      years ago so quit hoping for a profit for a

    • Glad to see somebody besides myself remember history!

    • 5 (now almost 6 since CFFN) years ago matters becuase the cycle is repeating itself. That was a BIG thrift, and it tanked. What was wrong? Pricing was too high as it is today, except that pricing is even higher now.

    • A bunch of deals have been flat or lots of 2nd steps in the last year or so.

      Deals under water include Bay Vanguard, Slavie, Home Fed, Roebling, and Georgetown. Snergy and others broke issue last year but have rallied.

      The point isn't that the deals might not go up, the point is that the risk-reward has changed. You and smelky are trumpeting these deals like it was 2003 or 2002. It isn't!

      Lot more risk, anybody who knows anything knows that. I see some people saying Kearny could open up 1 or 2 points, others say it could be flat or down. These are people who know banks for 10 years. All it means is deal risk has increased.

    • Thriftman - I'mm the moron? name the last 5 deal; not including second steps or bulletin board stocks. Now tell me which of ythose are under water ok? I think the answer is zero. Who are you kidding? You as smelky said sent in the max to kearny - if u have the $$ - so cut the crap - u duplicitous ahole

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