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  • fit4life2003 fit4life2003 Jul 19, 2006 1:00 PM Flag

    Ouch!! Slients is Golden

    This hurts, Cramer curse and rate compression. Smaller bank stocks have been out performing for months. This is a hold at best!

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    • Well, when you have nothing, you have nothing to loose...........Me, I am here for the long ride....and will it be a fun and exiting one?..Time will, you will have your brand spanking new pool by next summer!! Mark my words!

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      • It is nice to see this stock up today when most of the market is down due to oil price worries. I think most people right now are waiting for the news that someone has made a bid on the bank or is buying because they are expected the fed not to raise rates tomorrow and give dovish words of advice. Its been a few weeks since Cramer and his gang at were screaming its a take over target. I think the smart money is finally moving in and those who would be interested in purchasing HCBK can now work without many eyeballs watching what is going on.





    • Very Good Post, "Trader"! "Fit" just can't seem to understand the Market.....He talks LONG LONG wonderful. On HCBK I've been Long Term and I've made about 10 times my original investment and thats been for a good 6 years...Is that long Term enough. At any time during that period if I wanted to sell...I could. The problem with the Stock that "FIT" keeps pumping on this message board, is that there is NO volume in the stock. I owned it and when I tried to sell it, it became a REAL problem. NO Market at all...The Volume is soooo LOW that it took well over a WEEK to sell it all. THAT IS NOT GOOD, SORRY STEVIE, I SAY AGAIN, NOT GOOD. Of course if one wants to keep the stock, as he puts it LONG LONG TERM, whatever that means, I'm sure eventually he might make some money. For the most part one does with banking shares in NJ......BUT still not good for those that might, just might need cash at some point in the future and then they CAN"T get it. So stop pushing this stock on this board or anyother board in such a BLIND fashion. You don't know what you are saying.
      ....You try to sound like you know what you're talking about but you're nothing short of a POMPOUS *ss.

      Oh, "Trader" good point, I doubt if "Fit" even has any HCBK shares. He's playing some kind of a sef-serving game and losing big time.

    • A reasonably good post Fit4life, but all we are really asking of you is that you should confine your comments concerning hcbk to this message board and that your comments concerning that other company be confined to that message board.
      Don't you realize that if one was interested in that other company, he or she would click on to that other companys' message board?
      It's also noteworthy that you never seem to pump hcbk on that other board.

    • Shorty I wonder why that is you name (maybe I do know), I have been right on the money on this board, and the other one I PUMP you say I do, that is funny considering that I never bring it up you and everyone else does. It is funny though, been in both stocks, for a long time making good money on both.

      I say stay in and buy on the other and it is at its' 52 week high, I say HOLD on this at $13.00 and look where it is now.

      I am going in this week on HCBK seeing first what the stock does today, and will rate a buy, then (my feeling).

      My position is LONG LONG TERM on the other stock, again in at $9.75, at 11.80 (average now).

      I guess as a fool as you put it, maybe you can or anyone on here can say that, that is fine with me.

      But I'd rather be a rich fool, that a sour a$$hole like you, I hope you and everyone on this board does fantastic and makes tons of money, but I am unclear why you or anyone else here makes a big issue when either I or anyone else makes comments that you do not agree with then attacking them for those comments.

      I have my feelings as you do yours, keep you attacks to yourself and wish everyone good luck on this or my 2 branch stock soon to be 4 branches.

    • Fit you are a're fool on this message board and you're a fool on all the other message boards you go on. Especially that other message board for that dumb ass 2 branch bank you keep PUMPING. Take a course on investing....even Investments 101 would help you significantly.

    • See trader, you are not being nice and I thought we were having a good moment of fun! Obviously you do not like to play nice. Have a good one! PS. I give a s**t

    • Good, and I wish you the best.
      Now, why not just confine your messages concerning that other Co. to that Co's message board since nobody on this message board really gives a s**t about it. O.K.?

    • Now work on your grammer. You spelled it incorrectly.

    • Laugh all you want my friend, I am going to cash in big on that one!!!!!

    • Hey FIT4, I forgot something and can't let it go.

      In the event you do trade off that 100 shares,your favorite company will break it's ALLTIME DAILY TRADING VOLUME RECORD

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