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  • luigifontu luigifontu Jul 21, 2010 1:30 PM Flag

    A potential Buyout

    "Finally, when asked if Hudson City's management might consider selling the company, Schluederberg said "It's out there, with a $26 buyout potential."

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    • HCBK is more likely to buy another bank. Perhaps they might purchase PFS (Provident Financial Services). Wilbur Ross wrote that PFS is an excellent bank with good financials, that might be a takeout candidate. This would probably benefit HCBK huge. HCBK has a market cap of 1.5B and PFS has a market cap of 800M. A bank with a market cap of 2.3B and alot of cash!

    • Maybe $26 after the 4 for 1 reverse split,ROLMFAO.
      This stock is going nowhere for a very long time.An accountant looks at the past when it comes to investing but not the future which is why he is an accountant.

    • With current stock price less than 1/2 of that $26 buyout figure....

      Does it really mean anything other than "everything is for sale if the price is right"

      Personally, I was more impressed with other strong statistics emphasized in the article.

      Best Regards

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      • This is Luigi.

        I posted the comment tongue and cheek. HCBK is the largest thrift in the U.S. and its unlikely to be bought out. However, if it was the price would be around $26

        Second of all I was not impressed with any of the facts in the article. You guys like to hear things about fund managers. Let me tell you what that fund manager said was so stupid.

        He took HCBK and multiplied it by 1.5. This is what you call useful advice.

        I could kill this guy in who knows more about HCBK.

        Either way I figured the actual value of HCBK out.

        I have gone over their loans and they have good loan quality and the stock deserves a premium valuation. It also has growing earnings, and very stable earnings and thus should be valued far into the future.

        With growth and growing earnings HCBK at $31 or 32 right now seems very logical.

        You think its dumb because you just see a prize way over the current price, but you never estbalished how wrong the market currently is.

        HCBK earning 600 million a year easily post recession not many banks earn this amount

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