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  • drbob601 drbob601 Oct 12, 2011 2:07 PM Flag

    So obvious

    HCBK is going to at least $7.31 in the fill the gap from Aug 5.

    That's 20% from current price

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    • I just notice another price gap at $10.80 from March 1 (well, technically the stock gapped down on Mar 2 below the low of Mar 1 at $10.90...but the stock had made a previous low of $10.80 on Feb 3. The high price on Mar 3 was $10.72, so the gap is still open.

      I'm not sure about whether this would classify as a true price gap (since the stock DID reach a low of $7.46 in MArch 2009. I like the $7.31 price gap since it's a true gap. just waiting to be filled. While it wouldn't surprise me t see the $10.80 gap filled at some point in the future, the $7.31 is the immediate target.

      Also, check out BRCD. Just filled its $4.88 price gap on Monday. Now down >7% today due to a "downgrade" by JPM. Bought that one at $3.85 on Aug 17...sold Mon at $4.88 (27% gain).

      I love these price gaps.

    • FWIW, I'm trying out a new trading system based on the parabolic SAR indicator. Never looked at it before until last week.

      For HCBK, the daily buy signal was triggered at $5.79. The stop loss price looks to be about $5.30 right now. However, on the 1-month, 30-min chart the stop loss should be at about $5.88 (in this case, the but point was at $5.71 on Monday). Obviously, that stop-loss price will change on an hourly basis.

      The weekly charts have a buy stop at about $6.85...but I expect that may drop down a bit in the next few weeks.

      I still don't know which would be the best time-frame to use for intermediate-term swing trading. I'm guessing the daily would make the most sense for a holding period of one or two weeks, but I'm currently doing a paper-trading test on a set of forty or so common stocks.

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      • Using the 1-mo hourly chart, I have the sell stop currently at $5.93. Using the second PSAR point (to avoid getting shaken out early) would put that stop-loss at $5.88. We'll see if it makes any difference. I suspect both will be taken out shortly, since this current rally looks like it's ready to take a breather. Volume has been below average, so not very convincing, imo.

        I'm sticking with my call for HCBK at $7.31 though, at some point in the near future. Those gaps always seem to get filled.

      • The stop-loss on the ten day, 30-min timeframe looks to be at about $6.01. We were just at $6.02, so that may trigger at any minute.

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