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  • slatemonster2002 slatemonster2002 Nov 24, 2009 3:12 PM Flag

    confession of the worst investor of all time.

    this is embarrassing to say the least.
    the tech boom destroyed me.they say it happened because i was bi-polar......from 1995 to 2000 with a 100k investment,,turned it into 1.5 million..i leveraged and go caried away,,by the time i was wiped out they had too carry me away...i lost all but 55k,,i was a fukin idiot,,all because i neede more money to retire and really new zero about investing,,,i was a buy and hold moron..but it worked for those 5 years...i was a lucky idiot..buying intel
    amat, csco, mci,aol and on and on..this time around
    from 2002 till 2007 i had turned 55k into 585..but i had a job that afforded me to save my paycheck of about 38 k a year for five years...anyway,,,i lost 170k in this past debacle in 2008 and havent made a dime this there ya go...a moron

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    • we've all been there maybe not at that level

      watch mad money and play his picks a week later

      turned 10k into 50 this year so far

      best of luck

    • Guess there are a lot more out there 2008 was bad for me also quit rolling the dicw I have

    • state nice to be among some of the best morons. I took 50k turned it into 250$

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      • 29 and I live off my investments... I invest under $10k all year long and make bank... This guy I use to work with was always talking shit I have nothing blah blah... Well he worked at the ftse100 now he is selling used cars in Florida and I've made over $800k trading Pharma stocks the last few months... U just need to have a strategy in place and follow it... Look my girlfriends uncle o ly has a 4th grade education and was a multi- millionaire, he past a few years back... The man bought a golf course and a bar so he had something todo, lol... The point. Is u don't have to be a genius u have to have a gameplan... Use a strategy and stick to it...

        My strategies
        (1) buy the rumor sell the news
        (2) sell after a Conference Call (so far it has save me my everytime) examples TGC was in at $0.35 by the week of the CC it was around $1.50 I believ after the CC it shot up to $3.77 then tank to $2.20 if I remeber correctly...biel been in since $0.0061 the day od there CC it shot to $0.12 it tanked to $0.07...
        (3) I buy Oil Co's In the winter months when there pps is low and short Airlines... Come the summer months I buy airlines and short oil co's...
        (4) I buy pharma co's that I know are gonna have pending FDA decisions months in advance by using a FDA calendar...

        And do alot of research... GLTA

    • ever hear of a stop loss. you amaze me.

    • yes i am 22 but been looking at stocks since i was 14. I am interested in the stock market but was not smart enough to get my licences for it. Oh, well. I am not a smart individual but i am a learned individual. any difference i don't know but all i know is i got very lucky. This year anyways, cause i notices its the year of the BIO companies and they are all flying off the damn rack, the ones with 10 yrs in the industry. Call me lucky call me what you want but all i know this company is going to cross me over the damn 1 million dollar mark. even though i have 433k i think pwrm can easily cross the 2-3 dollar mark. Don't ask me why but i know it will. Anyways I will be one of those damn rich kids soon i hope LOL. GLTA. Plus i only started with 6k, not a big deal. So initially i only have 6k not 108k the way i look at it anyways.

    • but all in all guys i could of ended up with 0 cash. but my story just turned a little better thats it cause i bought these bio company low and how much further can they really go? unless they go bk. plus the bio company i bought had more then 10 yrs under the belt, which means they will find a means to stay alive, and pwrm is 10 yrs in the making like i said. its going to go and when it does the 1-3 dollars will be easy target, the quesiton is can you guys wait?

    • This makes my tale of woe sound like small patatoes. Better days are ahead.

    • buddy instead of investing in penny stocks i think you should invest in work. YOu have to build a savings before you build an investment portfolio, I am 22 yrs old and even i know this right now my job allows me only 32k a year thats before taxes, and my portfolio was started out 6k only now i have over 100k+ don't be thinking investing will get you rich!, its the peopel who have a job and able to lost the money that has the opportunity to invest in risky or even blue chip stocks. I wish people would understand only invest what you can lose not invest what you can and hope it makes money.

    • You could have easily ended up with 1.5 mil. Lots of people got hurt in 2000. It's the flip of a dime. As my grandfather used to say, I'd rather be lucky than smart.

    • I learned my lesson last year in a 'hold' and wait for the damn thing to gain back my money. stupid stock, well stupid me, it went from 1.25 to mid .60's, and went from nasdq to bb and changed names. Then changed names again, went to .30's, I still held dreaming of a comeback. Then the reverse split announcement took it to .01 then with the reverse i was left with 25 shares worth 250 bucks from my initial 20k investment. Finally I sold it and in the last year have slowly been building back up. Me a Moron, yes that was me. I learned to not fall in love with a stock, never again. Only consilation is I get a decent % taken out of my capital gains for the next 3 years. I know how you feel, though your lost was much larger. Good luck to you in the future.

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      • actually, i first invested in penny stocks begining of this year with an investment of 6k, which i put into CTIC at the start when it was only 8 cents, held on to that until july. then sold at $1.45 cents cleared 108700.00 dollars dropped 100k into MGM at $8.50, and invested 8700 into pwrm at 18 cents holding 433k shares. NO word of a bs. the reason why i am telling you this is because a lot of people told me CTIC was done for and will be back in the sub penny, i didn't believe them. And i don't believe the bashers of PWRM. PWRM is very high risk but the potential for the pay out is FREAKING NUTZ, this is my story and all i have to say, don't believe these damn bashers hold on but don't freak out. know what you are getting into before you get into it and weigh the risk and the gain factor. AND MOST IMPORTANT DO NOT PLAY WITH MONEY YOU CAN NOT AFFORD. this is my advice to investors and gamblers. GLTA, and especially to the PWRM holders.

        the only one that i let get away was HGSI i was holding just over 30k shares of that at 2.00, that one pissed me right off! sold it on the friday of the following monday it spiked to 14 then fuking moved to 28 AHHH!! that one made me really mad. but easy come and easy go. GLTA, i will tell you one thing pwrm is going to explode when? not sure but i will tell you its going to be soon. roughly about 4-6 months down the road. but it will happen. GLTA.

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