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  • green_melo green_melo Jul 3, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    Unprecedented Volume

    In the last 18 trading days, including today, this has traded ~17m shares. From Jan 2,2013 to Jun 7,2013 (6.5 mos) we traded 7m shares. I'm sorry, but while the EVI supply agreement was a plus for investors, there has to be much more under the covers. You can't find a 20 day volume run like this in 13 year history of this stock.

    Any additional insight would be much appreciated. Long time holder, who is happy to see that there is a pulse left, but this activity in volume has been like defibrillator paddles, without any significant reason.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • We've had 8 million + shares traded in the last 4 days. That is a ton of shares.
      Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

    • Three million share day? Is this volume product-related? Or are we just being messed with. Not unlike Q management to say ... nothing.

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      • Hold on everyone. Back up the bus. While I am not a defender of UQM Management, there are two points here. First, management doesn't comment on volume trading of its stock. Second, management is not at all likely involved whatsoever in the volume numbers. If I am wrong, they will have disclosure responsibilities regarding sales/purchased in 10 days or whenever.

        What is happening is that small-time day market traders are getting involved. If you buy 50K shares in the morning and sell them/buy them a few times during the day, you can make $1000 for sitting at your computer and letting the trade programs work. there is enough volume NOW and enough price volatility to trade this stock, as compared to the first six months. That is all. There is no scam by UQM management.

        Now, I have no idea if some institutional investors are dumping their investments to feed the frenzy but, as of now, neither does anyone on this board.

      • They aren't even trying to hide the scam they're playing. They know, but they won't tell you. The big guns n eed their money back and that's exactly what's been taking place the past several weeks.The SEC just ignores the illegal manipulation.

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