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  • weqasdopi weqasdopi Jul 29, 2012 6:25 AM Flag

    Insiders are selling

    Well at least the management is starting to get smart - they are reading the writing on the wall and selling.
    Zatz, Pence et. al.

    Either they know they are going to need the money real soon or the price is not coming back.

    These guys have the same mentality as all the other blind as bat cool aid drinkers:
    As long as I keep getting paid, I don't see a problem with my plan.

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    • The insiders you name smartly sold at $47/share and higher. If you possess updates that prove that these, or any other insiders, are selling below the $40 threshold, then please post. Else any credibility you have gained will evaporate.

      You did admit to being short WBMD stock but it appears that you missed your opportunity to cover in the 13's. Trying to talk it back down there seems pretty foolish and desperate to me. In the very short-term, your only shot to cover depends entirely on what management states during WBMD's upcoming conference call. This will be interesting to watch.

      I added more since I especially like the risk-reward from here.


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      • tracey563 Jul 29, 2012 6:25 PM Flag

        this stock at 19.5 pe is still way to high for a co losing money and starting to hemmorage cash since the stock was at 52 i have had put protection and acttually accidently am now a little short,it no longer what mgt says unless negative,its about the gen mkt which i still think will head south this fall thougfh im a little nervous now that merkel really is trying to keep the eu to wbmd look at the sales,they are bad and keep getting worse,id say that if this is not fixed soon this could be delisted within 18 mos,its real bad and the co has stopped just short of saying theres no sighns of improvement last weeks statement.

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