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  • stevetrader01 stevetrader01 Jan 10, 2012 3:43 AM Flag


    Franz and those who may be the victims of false information and negative comments this may help you steel your courage:

    Michael W. Brennan

    Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
    Micro Imaging Technology, Inc.
    San Clemente , CA
    Sector: HEALTHCARE / Medical Laboratories & Research
    Officer since August 2006
    68 Years Old
    Michael W. Brennan, 68, was named to the Board of Directors and appointed Chief Executive Officer on August 2, 2006. Mr. Brennan has spent over twenty-five years within the computer industry and participated in the founding of four companies that successfully became publicly held corporations through IPOs on Nasdaq; three in the U.S.; Computer Automation (CAI), Symmetricom, Inc. (originally, DATUM) (SYMM), and Interscience (INTR) and one on the London International Stock Exchange (Optim, PLC). Additionally, Mr. Brennan was a founder of Color Imaging, Inc. (CIMG), took the company public and served as Chairman and CEO since 2000. Mr. Brennan has a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

    This man is not a joke, has a proven NASDAQ track history, and is about to present to the market a device that in so many ways ( that are patented ) has limited to no competition. For this man and his company to go through everything from youtube demonstrations to a share holders meeting which I was present at seems like a pretty good investment to me. I own a large block of shares Franz that I plan to retire off of when the time is right ( NASDAQ ).
    Do not let others try to ruin your investment or future my friend. Let these people stew in thier own misery and know you are not alone in your choice to invest in this company. There is no cast iron garrantees with stocks but in my opinion this one is by far better then 99.9 percent of the trash you can invest your money in simply with Mr. Brennan alone being involved.
    One last thing Franz and others. There is far too much negativity and unpoliced posts on these yahoo boards and for the most part all I see are people really just trying to bring misery to others. In all the endeavors I have ventured into, the stock market is probably the best in bringing out the worst in people all in the name of greed. I strongly believe in karma as well and I absolutely REFUSE to get ahead in life stepping on other peoples lives. I am probably alone or close to it being a trader with a conscience. I welcome anyone here to join me on the IHUB board for this stock or any others. There are still others that will of course try to ruin you but it is policed and you will have plenty of supporters to pick you up when your morale is low.
    I will not disclose my name so no one here can say im trying to recruit or benefit from this. I want good people to succeed and in turn help other good people do the same. To the rest of you I wish you a better life then where you are currently in hopes you at the very least stop trying to cause your misery to others. All of what I have posted here to the best of my knowledge is accurate and of course my personal thoughts are in my opinion.


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    • Thanks, Steve. People need to know that paid liars regularly post misleading info and deliberately false statements to scare away investors who could spike the price and put the short options in a world of hurt. The truth is that MMTC has a revolutionary product that has been recognized as accurate, efficient, and necessary by independent authorities like NAMSA, AOAC, and the USDA.

      Further, yet to be confirmed info suggests that partners are on board ready to flood the company with orders as soon as certifications are granted for the pathogen detection library, and the company is setting up for multiple revenue streams.

      There will be bumps along the way, like al stocks, but there is a very bright future suggested by the current info. Go MMTC!

    • amen........God bless you......

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