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  • investo2002 investo2002 Feb 12, 2002 9:44 AM Flag

    6 month results and earnings

    Rumours that these aint good, with expected job losses. Anyone else heard anything?

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    • Stock price has farther to drop in my opinion...

      There are undoubtedly a lot of Pall investors that have enjoyed dividends over the years and are now very disgruntled.

      For example, I know that the Scottish National Bank used to hold a lot of Pall stock for the consistant low growth and good dividends. Pall used to be a good conservative place for your money. These investors can no longer count on Pall!

      Look out below!

    • Oh dear - we're now below $20! Say, $25 seems a million miles away.

      Like I said, prepare for bad news when the half year figures are announced.

    • Hmmm.. I wasn't too far wrong!

      This is good news for no-one.

      1. Reduced dividends for us and no guarantee of increase in stock price.

      2. Certain job loses within the new group.

      3. Reduced choice for customers, as some products are bound to go.

      Previous aquisitions have not done well - look at Gelman and Rochem. Where is this company going?

    • Anyone have any thoughts whether these are valuable assets and why Vivendi is selling them?

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      • They do not include the waste water and drinking water assets that we are interested in.

        I do not want to sell at this time. I love dividends. I am sorry to see they will be diminished to pay for acquistions.

      • I almost missed how they tried to slip this little change in:

        From the press release--

        In combination with the transaction, Pall plans to reduce its quarterly dividend to $0.09 from the current $0.17 level. ``Our primary objective is to increase shareholder value, and a strong balance sheet is the foundation for achieving this objective,'' said Krasnoff. ``This is a sound move that brings our dividend payout ratio to a level consistent with industry averages. The approximately $40 million in cash we will conserve annually may be used for future investments, debt reduction or other more tax-efficient means of creating value for our shareholders.''

        The dividend was one of the few reasons to own this stock...

      • The US Filter business is made up of what used to be Filterite (common filters sold by Sears and local water softening cos.) and the former Millipore water purification business. Neither company was very profitable and growth occurred only during capital spending up-cycles. They had some hardware manufacturing as well filter manufacturing but nothing was proprietary or high value added type products.

        Looks to me like Pall Mngmt is just trying to consolidate the business environment with little thought to growing into new opportunities.