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  • leaving_pall leaving_pall Jun 3, 2006 11:37 PM Flag

    Pall Letting Go 300 MI Employees

    Pall announced Friday that they are downsizing the Ann Arbor, MI office by 300 employees.

    This is part of their announcement to downsize by 10% across the board. That leaves 800 employess to follow.

    Does anyone know what other sites are being cut back or closed?

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    • For the record, I admired the accomplishments of Gelman.
      When companies get as big as Pall, a sort of bureaucratic inertia sets in, efficiency declines, and the primary source of innovation is often purchased in the form of smaller, better managed companies. The disease is then passed on when new layers of bureaucracy are established, ever changing pecking orders are defined, and political infighting for control and dominance converts what was once a single minded machine into ones of individual baronies, now distracted with issues of self preservation.
      Innovation vampirism?

    • While EK may have come from the medical division, the current responsibility for the health and well being of Pall Life Sciences would fall to the President of Pall Life Sciences Worldwide, Roberto Perez. There doesn�t seem to be any investment into improving market position in the saturated medical device markets in Europe and North America. I only hear them speaking of positioning to take advantage of the expanding Asian market. Is the future of North American and European markets to be determined by plant shut downs and layoffs? What�s next - the outsourcing of work to outside companies or moving things to brighter, sunnier places to leverage inexpensive labor? There is an end game to running from competition and investing in primarily growing economies that will eventually favor the innovative and efficient - both terms not being used to describe Pall by anyone.

    • EK came from the medical division and it was his pride and joy! Don't you think he knows what is important to that business.

      BTW - what 'inovation slogan' are you talking about? There is no evidence on Pall's website of any slogan that tells of any innovation prowess!! Although I agree with your statement about pilfer and dump!

    • That's pesky LITTLE competitor if you remember correctly, and if it weren't for Gelman Pall's "inovation slogan" would be just as bogass as the company itself, pilfer the best and get rid of the rest.

    • Timonium is selling 2 of the 4 plants. Vessels and resin coated. Approx 80 people. They both make $$ so go figure.

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      • That have to pay for things somehow -

        Eric Krasnoff
        Chief Executive Officer
        Pall Corporation

        2004 Compensation
        Salary $795,756
        Bonus $632,626
        Long-Term Incentive Payoffs $0
        Restricted Stock Awards $1,967,629
        Other Compensation $52,902
        Value of Stock Option Grants $889,119
        Total 2004 Compensation Plus Stock Option Grants

        Total $4,338,032

        Source AFLCIO website

      • If you think Pall's stock is in a downward spiral now, just wait till Ann Arbor finally closes ( whenever that may be, all they did was announce the closing but they have absolutely NO CLUE on how to go about it, or a time frame for that matter)it will just get worse. If you are hanging on, loose your grip and let go NOW!! BEFORE YOU LOOSE EVEN MORE OF YOUR MONEY. Just a word to the wise, from someone who has followed Pall for a while.