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  • DowDanny DowDanny Jan 4, 1998 1:35 AM Flag

    Avoid this issue!

    Was reading msg 13 by PH07851, which I guess basically confirms my response of msg 11... I think his post is right on,
    except one fact "The majority of Eric Krasnoff's experience is in the grocery business." -- I recall that when I had summer jobs at
    Pall Corporate HQ back in 76,77, EK was in charge of 'Human Resources' (he did the entrance and exit interviews, for example).
    Not a financial or a technical position, but still not exactly "groceries" either. Similiarly I think the posts about
    "multimillion dollar failures in the oil industry" (whether or not true) are not relevant to this company's major business, just a
    sidelight speculative adventure that hasn't panned out (yet?).

    But let's face the brilliant numbers in post-16: $18-30/sh. Hmm.
    I'd prefer 30, because I still own some stock - but doubt that a 50% gain is possible this year. Unfortunately $18 is more
    possible. When this stock made its investors rich, back in late 70's and into the 80's, its gross margins were >20% and its
    (earnings and sales) growth were always in double digits. Compare to last two annual reports. Don't see such growth or margins ever
    happening again as company seems to go more and more into "commodity"-style products as opposed to high-markup niche products. A few
    years after I had worked there, Pall was listed in some money magazine as the "5th best perfoming stock of the past 10 years". At
    Thanksgiving this year, it was listed (in Forbes or Fortune ?) as "one of 5 stocks passing the Low RS, One Star Stocks to Short".

    Bottom line - if next quarters EPS continue to 'suprise downward', the stock's not going to support a P/E of 35-40 for long. If we get back on track and P/E goes to 20 again (as it will if earnings expectations are met) the stock price will hold.
    But what reason is there for big growth now ?

    Wish I saw a great turn-around coming, and I keep a small number of shares for sentimental reasons but so far its been empty promises from management for past two-three years.