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  • robdotcom_58 robdotcom_58 Feb 12, 1998 4:28 PM Flag

    Who Else to Choose

    Regarding formitable competitors, you really have to look at the different businesses to see who is gaining at Pall's expense. Pall's annual report does a good job of listing the competitors for each industry. In the area of ultra-fine filtration, Cuno has some ex- Pall employees in the upper management and Millipore is formitable. The verbal scuffles with a company called Porous Media are laughable.

    What the companies needs is a more aggressive management- EK is not the man to lead them. The comments made regarding the current crop of upper-managers is accurate- with few exceptions, none are very visionary and focused- strategic plans are changed depending on the mood of one of these managers on a given day based on their gut feel. When this feel does not pan out, the groups get off-track very easily

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    • Hi Y'all:

      to chargene (msg 46): >> MAYBE THERE THE SAME <<

      No. I post only and always as DowDanny, including on MFool and MorningStar and whereever else. Nothing worse than people that 'converse with themselves' on these boards.

      Oh - one exception: On the Yahoo ! T board I have posted under various "Contest_Maniac" names only becuase it's the only way to keep all the Yahoo portfolios needed for the stock-picking contests there. And on rare occassions I forget to log-out and back in as "me" before replying on other boards.

      In msg 49, theviewfromabove says >> Anyone can create a package to hold their filter media <<

      An engineer's observation, obviously :-) ?
      Perhaps the key technologies are the "media", paper, mesh steel, fiberglass or whatever, but packaging ain't such an easy thing. You gotta make it cheap, you gotta watch the hydrodynamics (it's not just a pipe, you gotta watch the impedances, etc..) and depending on teh application you gotta make it attractive/easy to install, ...

      Of course, the key to success is to be clever enough to devise NEW MARKETS and NEW PROCESSES that could benefit from the media and will buy them over and over and over again. This is not really a marketing problem, but a 'vision' thingie.

      I'm not sure what you were talking about with Ted Turner and water supply. I think they tried the home market once, too low margin, no easy distribution channel. Municipal sewage and stuff like that... Blah ! try collecting from any gov't agency. Donate their services ? See ya !

      msg 50 from FMCex says : >> Whatever in-house capability may have existed before, it isn't there now; <<

      Is this really true ? How do you base this statement: As a former employee, or customer or supplier, or distributor, or just guessing ? Bad news if real. See above.

      msg 51 from Sir_Trent says: >> Eric ... is ... rather one of the best CEO's in the companies history <<

      Now we are hearing from an insider ! Let's see, there have been three CEO's so far, as far as I know... A. Krasnoff (a financial genius to match Dr. Pall's inventive genius... here I am serious, and he was very well respected by "Wall St" too) Since company hit AmEx how did stock do (check '70's + '80's).

      Next was M. Hardy, must have done well in Europe but I have no recollection of his tenure at top. Nevertheless, I don't recall the early 90's were too bad for the stock either. When did EK take over ? How is PLL (share price) grown in past 2-3 years ?

      Not a good history since joining the NYSE, unless you were a lucky market timer. Not bad if you sold in Jan 96 either.

      How is PLL treated by Wall St now ? Mixed feelings- a few months ago it was recommended in WSJ feature as one of 5 stocks to short based on ValueLine and RS rankings. OTOH, it was in Money magazine as one of 5 "turnaround candidates" with 12-18 month price target of $28. This was in January I think.

      Personally, I'm amazed that anybody has even heard of this company much less follows it. ... Not a flame, just a comment.

    • No use chasing Ted Turner's contacts at the UN; Pall aint got nothing they want or need (yet).

      Whatever in-house capability may have existed before, it isn't there now; whether it's due to burnout, attrition, an empty
      well or whatever, their best course may be in the pursuit of tapping into others' R&D capacity such as Tyvex or that small med
      device company in Miami or the electrochem engineering company somewhere outside of Houston. All appear to have the talent, ideas
      and gumption to make things happen. Afterall, if they can't grow it, they might as well buy it and that looks like their current

      I'm going to ride with them a while longer while they get these initiatives in motion.

    • Ok, we've established that Pall management is from an R&D background, HR, and a grocery store. Let's at least give them some
      credibility. Let's assume that the management from R&D are the brains of the organization. Why is their R&D org (SLS) incapable of
      producing anything more than a simple device that filters blood? Where is the R&D? Anyone can create a package to hold their filter
      media. Plenty of east coast companies. The problem with their management is that their time is consumed creating an organizational
      structure, rather than focusing on the filtration needs of the world. Why aren't they following the lead of Ted Turner's money to the
      UN and establishing a market in environmentally conscience products to provide the world with a safe drinking water supply?
      They seem to be in every other type of filtration. Why isn't Krasnoff courting Ted Turner for backing? Is Ted too high a player
      for Eric? Maybe a buyout is in order. Maybe it should be Ted. He owns everything else. No one would benefit from a break-up. By
      the way, why hasn't the stock followed the Dow trend? It fell the last time the Dow did in December, but hasn't broke 22 since.
      Is everyone buying and Pall buying back at the low price? Who else would own this stock? Are they lining their pockets with

    • been in pll stock from 85 till now made $$$$$$$$$$$$$ i think you already new this from prior post ek<ceo>was not in biomed your on the money /biomed diy 35 0/0 3yrs over 42.margin+ growth ,double digit. I been real digging up more informatio on pll +asia network ,something going on !well post when i find out more/ key is neteork

    • chargene /i,m not dow danny i also got your other post,glad to here from you . As for pll, dowdanny hit it on the nose. Pll blood filters ,has patent /partnership ,excellent

    • i,been in pall ,4 years, made money/information ,inportant.check co 10k. Also <stockmam> in for lot longer,i wonder why he stop posting on pll maybe he sold!na na.i think dowdanny an stockmam know there stock.lots of information .maybe there the same

    • >> Your knowledge of Pall Corporation seems to run deep <<

      I have a long memory, but no 'inside' knowledge, at least not for at least the last decade. Of course, that means I lived through the "good ole days" which strongly colors my perception of the past few laggard years.

      >> This past Friday, Pall Corp. purged the top management of Biomedical..Is this the fat others have refered to or is it the first volley in a major shake up to turn this company around ? <<

      Interesting. My personal perception is that the problems lie highter, not lower... meaning at the corporate level or so. Don't know what's up with BioMed in particular, but a shakeup anywhere in the line could be good IF done for the right reasons and with the RIGHT objectives.

      PS: in msg 44 j_jogg says:

      >> It seems the blood filter business should belong to a medical device company and Pall should get back to their industrial filter business. <<

      to which I say "Exactly the wrong business model for Pall, and symptomatic of their current problems. in the good ole days, PLL kept very high margins and very high earnings growth rate (always double digit) by being a successful "high-tech" niche player.

      They created their markets by inventing new processes that could benefit from filtration. But looking at some of their big
      sales leaders were things like aviation and military which were both extremenly cyclical and prone to "commoditization".
      Industrial fluid (pneumatics and such) were profitable but can have similiar challenges. Long time ago PLL already thought about
      entering things like "water treatment" but instead of battline for gov't contracts in a high-volume, low-margin biz they moved
      instead into the then non-existant field of patient protection filters. Look back to the 'glory days' (say mid-late 80's) and you'll
      see less than 25% of sales, but more than 35% of profits were from biomed. This is not a loser business, or at least it didn't
      use to be.

      Finally, I don't think EK (ceo) ever ran biomed, or ever even worked within that division... there are few years during the M. Hardy period I have no memory of, but AFAIK EK was in human resources or corporate positions entire career and never was directly in charge of any division. Could be wrong, but doubt it.

      Give me the years, if I'm wrong.

    • I had not heard of these changes but who knows...
      Eric K used to run this division and maybe he is looking for a scapegoat since the blood filter business seems to have run into a wall (stopped growing!) I have also heard there are too many vp's running around Pall but my guess is they don't have the gumbahs to blow them away.
      It looks to me like they are continuing their happy spending ways (big capital investments) and haven't dealt with the over capacity they have built into their overhead.
      They have also started a bunch of alliances which don't seem to make any sense. I still think they could be ripe for a break up. It seems the blood filter business should belong to a medical device company and Pall should get back to their industrial filter business.

    • Your knowledge of Pall Corporation seems to run deep. You might want to digest the latest changes in Pall Biomedical Division and respond. This past Friday, Pall Corp. purged the top management of Biomedical. The president, the VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, and three others. Is this the fat others have refered to or is it the first volley in a major shake up to turn this company around?

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